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Winter is coming..... where did Autumn go??

Hey guys! So, today ended quicker (maybe it’s just me, though my mother agreed too), and that always means winter is coming! Well, nearly always. Hehe. 308 more words

Autumn Drama

Galloping skies for the autumn equinox in Northern Scotland.


The Visitor

As brief as a thought of love
on a frosty morning, a glimpse
of swallow and I am warm,

still warm, though too slow
to seem alive, a perch… 37 more words


Changing Times and a Hearty Recipe

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

Today is downright cold. “Sweater Weather,” my Mom called it. In Florida where I grew up Autumn announced its arrival with a delightfully cool breeze that offered blessed relief from Summer heat. 290 more words


Last Day of August- A Poem

New Moon in ♍>♎

Vibrant green leaves sink as they droop. The zestful and fresh now looks worn and tired.

The morning sun apparently pale, blinds whilst low in the early view. 162 more words


Changing Seasons

A touch of Fall in the air today. Cloudy day, cool breeze, cold rain. 

My kind of morning.

I know the dark and moody weather is on its way. 370 more words

The Closing Down Of Summer

Fall’s on the way. You can feel it in the air. You can see it in the colour of the sunlight. Although today is a warm day (24° C), there’s that something in the breeze, you can smell it, hinting at the change of season. 501 more words

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