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Springing time

Before I begin this post I just want to say a big thank you for the response to my last post, about exploitation in the workplace over here. 1,153 more words

The Continuing Adventure


This area of Portugal is dominated by non-native trees, acacia and eucalyptus mainly, which do not loose their leaves in winter, one must look closely to see oaks, sweet chestnuts and other deciduous trees doted here and there, but in general, winter is a green season. 235 more words

Lone Cone

A lone cone made it
Through the winter months unscathed –
Hanging on for spring.


Contemplative Photography

Winter’s Last Stand

Today the daffodils are resting their weary heads against the frozen earth. After a fairly mild winter, and an exceptionally mild February, winter appears to be making its last stand, complete with snow flurries and wind chill advisories. 324 more words

Denise D. Young

February was the month of..the World's Ball!

The Winter of 2016-17 is shaping up to be one of the poorer, and stranger, ones of recent times. Generally low snowfall and mild temps from December thru March have made it poor, and the directions of the prevailing winds and storms have made it strange. 522 more words


Winter In Budapest 2016-2017

It´s early March, so looks like winter is over. Actually the winter was not so bad. The temperature was quite funny though. Sometimes it could reach to minus 15 celcius, sometimes it could be plus five degree celcius, and this funny temperature changing came so randomly. 135 more words



It’s a warm but rainy day in Southwest Virginia. The steady plop of rain against the townhouse provides a backdrop for a day spent inside, drinking tea and typing away at the keys. 335 more words

Denise D. Young