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Best Short Lived TV Shows

Happy mostly Summer, but technically Spring or as my still in college friends call it: Finals Season. What I always like during the summer season is to watch a lot of short TV Shows that I can binge in a weekend and then move on. 335 more words

10 Cancelled Shows

I’m a huge TV watcher whether it’s movies or shows.Ā  There’s a lot of great shows that got cancelled but there’s a few I personally think they should have been given more of a chance, more love. 1,336 more words

How to Hang a Witch by Adriana Mather

Curses, witches and ghosts, oh my.

When I was a teenager I would gravitate towards the books about witches and other supernatural beings. I saw this book and it reminded me of the hours spent reading point horrors in the school library. 522 more words

Book Review

Books and Series I Wouldn't Enjoy, Today

Hey Night Owls! I thought I would talk about the books I’ve read in the past that I probably wouldn’t read again. This isn’t a post about books I dislike, but a post about books in genres I don’t really read anymore. 234 more words

Oct 03 - All We Know - The Chainsmokers ft. Phoebe Ryan #song4abooktober2017

Oct 03 šŸŽ§ All We Know – The Chainsmokers ft. Phoebe Ryan šŸŽ§šŸŽ¶ #song4abooktober2017 šŸŽ¶

So many feels in this song about the hardships of relationships, from friendship to love and not giving up. 36 more words


Rewatch & Recap: The Secret Circle 1x02 "Bound"

Hi friends!

Did you think I was joking when I said Iā€™d be recapping The Secret Circle each week? Last week, we saw the main heroine, Cassie Blake, go back to her roots in Chance Harbor. 934 more words


Diary of a Smalltown Dragon #1

Last Saturday we started our Monsterhearts 2 campaign. Monsterhearts is seriously one of my all time favorite roleplaying games ever, and I’m stoked we’ve finally started a new campaign!Ā  1,715 more words

Roleplaying Games