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Britt Robertson Is Beautiful

As I was doing my research for this post (research makes it sound cooler than Googling) I realise I have watched a lot of shows and films featuring Britt Robertson despite never catching her in what seems to be her breakout on… 94 more words

The Secret Circle

TV: The Secret Circle

Since I’ve finished watching House and bounce between boredom and watching How I Met Your Mother for the fifth time in a row, I’ve been on the hunt for a new show on Netflix to watch. 574 more words


Chicago PD

Chicago PD is a police drama and last night was the mid season finale of the second season. It left on a huge cliffhanger, someones life hangs in the balance and i can’t wait to see what happens in January when it returns. 126 more words


Netflix: Witches Edition

Life is hard out there for a witch.  They are often depicted as warty, green-skinned monsters who have no other form of transportation than their dirty broom.  191 more words


Spotlight On: Phoebe Tonkin, Mermaid, Witch, Werewolf, Hybrid

After starring in two successful shows in Australia, Phoebe Tonkin burst on to the American scene on the short lived WB show, The Secret Circle… 358 more words

The Vampire Diaries

So, if you’re anything like me as soon as you finish a series on Netflix you think, hmmmm now what do I do without with my life? 247 more words

Macy Rae

Serie review!

Een nieuwe reeks die ik wil starten op mijn blog is een serie review, ik ben een grote film en tv-series fan! De bedoeling is dat ik over de onderstaande series een review ga geven, de series die ik al volledig plat heb gekeken of gestopt zijn heb ik even apart gezet en al een voorproefje van gegeven. 819 more words