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The Secret World Reboot

So I downloaded and installed the new Secret World mmorpg over the weekend, I say over the weekend because I started attempting to get the thing installed Saturday and after I left it to slowly update and freeze overnight it was playable Sunday. 344 more words

Open Beta Tester Event: Secret World Legends

Well, we’re finally here in many ways. Episode 100 (and for those of you paying attention, the real episode 100 passed months ago but whatever, it’s ceremony.) will be on Secret World Legends the weird reboot of what became my all time favorite MMO. 279 more words

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Secret World Legends (Head Start) is Almost LIVE!

Holy crow…pun possibly intended…the Head Start launch of Secret World Legends is nearly upon us! \o/ I really can’t think of a better reason to shake the dust off LFGryph and get a post up. 1,800 more words

The Secret World

Quick TSW Cosmetics List

Hey folks – real blog post incoming someday soon, but right now I just want to list a few TSW cosmetic items I’d like to see go to good homes before the SWL launch. 362 more words


Secret World Legends Hands-on with Game Director Romain Amiel

Note: the following article originally appeared on MMOGames.com.

As a long time fan of the original The Secret World, I jumped at the opportunity to get my hands on the beta for the game’s upcoming relaunch as Secret World Legends, even though it’s now distressingly liberated from its former article “the”. 1,676 more words

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TSW: Bittersweet Farewell

Whatever the actual end date turns out to be, it is now clear that The Secret World’s days are numbered. I have decided to say goodbye to the game while I still can, conducting a final tour of some of my favourite parts of the game and finding thematically appropriate ways to retire my many characters. 1,569 more words


the secret world

This post will be shorter than my previous ones, since I never became too invested in this game to be more thorough. The usual 500 character limit wasn’t cutting it either. 718 more words

The Secret World