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Character Portrait from The Secret World.

Rule: Don’t do character portraits of your Ex-boyfriend’s characters.


Desert Sands in TSW

Corel Painter 12.  Clearly night-time in TSW.


Wynnifred: A Character portrait from The Secret World (An MMO)

Corel Painter 12!  I know, so long ago.  I painted a portrait of my character Wynn.  The snotty little clique RPers on the site thought I could do it, but uh…yeah.  I did.


Wynnifred. A character portrait from The Secret World (an MMO)

Another Corel Painter portrait from me.  I tried to make her hair as wild as her personality.


One Year Later: Remarks on The Secret World

A little over a year has gone by since I first walked out of Agartha and into The Secret World. My mind feels as though there must have been more than twelve months between now and June of last year when Liling was born. 1,447 more words