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The Secret Lore is a series of posts that I will be doing to keep an easily accessible record of the amazing writing in The Secret World. 589 more words

The Secret World


I have hacked the net

But I can’t find the answer

Only noise and code


Fancy Bottle of...

Let’s talk Obsession.

Curse? Or trendy perfume name?

For me, it’s normal.


Lovecraftian themes in "The Secret World"

Article by Patrick L. Helms.

The works of Lovecraft have been very influential in many forms of media. Everything from film to television has been touched by the mythos he created in one way or another. 1,044 more words


What to play and going buy-to-play

The recent weeks didn’t see much of MMORPG playtime. I was sick, playing singleplayer games, sick again and on vacation. I briefly considered taking an MMORPG sabbatical for some time, because right now i just feel i’m not in the mood of playing regularly. 1,324 more words


Developer Appreciation Week 2015 : Giving Thanks

The exceptional Rowan over at his corner of the web, (For the World is Hollow and) I Have Touched The Sky, has declared the week from March 28th till April 4th Developer Appreciation Week! 597 more words

Star Trek Online

Our World

The Elder G-ds weep

As they gaze upon our world,

And the angels sing.