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Fan Fiction: The Alfar

As you may know, I have, shall we say, strong feelings about one of the cosmetic items introduced in The Secret World’s most recent holiday event. 705 more words


TSW: Because Elves, That's Why

The Secret World’s holiday event this year was a tad underwhelming. No new content beyond some tacky decorations in Agartha and a very dull snowball fight minigame. 681 more words


Gaming Round-Up: What I Did Over the Holidays

I have now returned from my short holiday blogging break. As always, the holidays brought with them a wealth of in-game events in various titles, so it was a time for me to go full game-hopper. 1,563 more words


My Impression of: The Secret World

As many of you know, I’ve been playing World of Warcraft a hefty amount these past few months and I finally hit the dreaded wall of Burnout. 753 more words


My Top Five Games: New School

Instead of doing a top ten list of all my favourite video games, I’ve decided it’s more fair to rank my favourite older and newer games separately, five each. 1,232 more words