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TSW: Tales! From! Agartha!

iTunes is taking its sweet time posting Dark Matter again, so in the meanwhile, enjoy this post I wrote back in June (yay backlog):

Every MMO has a place where players end up congregating, the main social hub of the game. 434 more words


Ready Player Re-Done

A brief twitter thread chat between @RandomiseUser, @Endo_Chick, and myself got me thinking about character appearance in games.  I set out to put some ideas down as to how games structure this, and why I’m so drawn to character appearance in the games I enjoy. 1,242 more words


TSW Stream - Lumie Alt in Savage Coast

Finally getting the last livestream posted here. New mic is working and hugely better than I had before, but go fig I forgot to adjust the UI on my alt. 136 more words


TSW Dev Stream 8/5/2016

I missed watching live since I was at work, but Secret World players got another dev stream today – the Twitch recording can be found here… 564 more words


TSW Stream - I Walk Into Empty Tyler Freeborn. Or something.

Calling the actual stream last night Day 3 of Blaugust, and adjusting the post time here accordingly. Possible thoughts on it after work today, if I’m coherent at all after not being able to sleep. 32 more words


Livestreaming, Blogging, and Being Less Than Perfect

I’ve been on break from streaming (other than Beyond the Veil) for at least as long as I’ve been on break from the blog. A couple days ago, I finally got around to running a short test stream. 597 more words


Character Portrait from The Secret World.

Rule: Don’t do character portraits of your Ex-boyfriend’s characters.