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The one that got away

Everyone has their own ‘one that got away’: a video game they know they should really finish but just can’t do it. Whether it’s down to limited available time, a preference for playing a different genre when we do have an hour to spare, or being distracted by newer releases, we all have a title we started but which now sits gathering dust in a dark corner of our gaming library. 640 more words



I finally made it to the City of the Sun God.

All I can think about is the sacrifice Ptahmose and his children made to keep the world safe. 68 more words


In on the secret

So, I’m getting a bit bored with Warcraft.

I go thru these phases though so, until it’s closer till BfA being released, I’m gonna play Secret World Legends. 66 more words


Free Games on Steam

(Disclaimer: The list is made according to my opinion)


Steam has a lot of games for small prices which can be a lot of fun, but on none of them can you spend hours and hours of unending base destruction with your chosen heroes other than DOTA (Defense of the ancients). 637 more words


Favourite Games I've Never Played #2: The Secret World

Typically I’m not one who places cutscenes or story in a game above the actual game itself. But there are exceptions to this, and The Secret World is certainly one of them. 1,073 more words

Video Games

Pixel8Bit Episode 36 - Our Experiences with MMORPGs

LuciferBelmont, Toastman X, Linch Lord and Maestro discuss our favorite MMOs and what got us into the genres ideas for future games and more so. We even discuss the terrible practice called swatting and the repercussions and more on the Crytek vs CIG lawsuit.


On randomness in MMOs

A great deal of gameplay elements in many video games are chance based, especially so in MMORPGs. Since those have their roots in Pen & Paper RPGs and board games more than skill based arcade games this isn’t actually a big surprise. 1,064 more words