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Judging the Secret World's Future by the Past

It’s a pretty grim time to be a fan of The Secret World. The other day I logged on for the first time in a while, and the game was just dead. 74 more words


The Secret World's Combat Is Fine

From the very beginning, complaints about combat in The Secret World have been all but omnipresent. It’s virtually impossible to read about it anywhere on the web without someone lamenting that they would have loved the game if not for its awful, awful combat. 1,622 more words


Secret World Legends: Tear down the Heavens to Rebuild the Underworld

In a world of unicorns and rainbows, the second incarnation of The Secret World may aspire to reimagine its predecessor the way Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen seeks to recapitulate classic EverQuest. 1,009 more words


The Dungeon Crawlers Podcast, Ep 006: She's Legal Now

The Dungeon Crawlers Episode 6: She’s Legal Now – The MMORPG News and Discussion Podcast produced by The Dungeon Crawler Network! Join us as we cast light on the depths of online multiplayer gaming and bring you the latest news, lively genre meta discussions, and heated debates about the RPGs and MMORPGs that we so love! 202 more words

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Episode 209 - Time for adventure

We were supposed to discuss Snake Pass but the camera disagreed!  That’s ok there’s still plenty of adventure to be had with Thimbleweed Park and Paradigm! 41 more words


Gaming: Thoughts on the Future

Right now I’m in the thick of Mass Effect: Andromeda, but massive as it is, it isn’t going to last forever. It was such a landmark release that all my gaming plans for the last several months have dealt with Andromeda and the lead-up to it. 1,152 more words


Tea Breaks: Sunsetting

Tea Breaks is an ongoing experiment of sorts, in an attempt to fit in a bit of the going-ons in my life. So every Monday, I talk a little bit about what happened last week, and maybe a bit of my own plans. 1,189 more words