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Gaming Round-Up: Li-Ming Impressions, Grey Goo's Shroud, TSW, D3, and a Moose

It’s that time again: I’ve got a bunch of gaming topics that I want to discuss, but which aren’t quite meaty enough to fill an entire post. 1,478 more words


Revisiting My Plans for 2016

It’s been a month and already my MMO plans for 2016 have changed so I wanted to revisit my gaming goals for the year and adjust them a little. 788 more words


TSW's Grand Master pack: still worth it?

This is the last week the Grand Master Pack (aka lifetime subscription) will be available for The Secret World. It’s also on sale right now for 150$/€. 1,656 more words


TSW's Dungeon Finder Is Transformative + Blade and Soul Thoughts

The Secret World has at last launched its long-awaited group finder tool, and I’m finding it a study in how small changes can make a huge difference in how fun a game is. 1,065 more words


The Secret World: Will My Interest Last?

I’ve been asking myself this question a lot over the last two days, ever since Funcom announced that they would be discontinuing the Grand Master pack. 602 more words

The Secret World

Colorful Characters in The Shadowy Forest

I’ve been looking forward to Transylvania from the moment I purchased The Secret World but the Besieged Farmlands zone was a bit of a disappointment. It’s not that it was bad, it just wasn’t the knockout zone I was anticipating. 608 more words

The Secret World

When I'm Falling Out of Love With Games, I Revisit 'The Secret World'

When it comes to my feelings on video games, there are days when I wonder if I’m falling out of love with them. I feel that—whether it’s true or not—there is this sense that I’m running against a wall. 766 more words