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The Secret World First Impression

I finally caved and purchased the Secret World last night. After an extremely long download I finally got a chance to play it and it’s actually really good.  508 more words


Dances With NPC's

As eager as I am to jump ingame and check out The Secret World’s new hoverboards, I promised to tell you folks the story of our very special TSW party last Thursday. 560 more words

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Extra Life, Computer Woes, and Other Excitement

What a week! I’d like to apologize for the lack of content – it’s mostly due to two things:

1) I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning when I’m not working. 297 more words

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The Secret World's Orochi Stealth Tech Hoverboard Thingy

Earlier in the year, Funcom gave us TSW players a badass mount – or an illusion that you were actually riding a chopper, as its speed reflects your running/sprint speed, nothing more. 115 more words


The Secret Lore - Phoenicians

See all the Secret Lore here.

I’m still not entirely sure what the role of this faction is in The Secret World. Sure, they are a kind-of secret society, and they seem to be all about the money – kind of like the Kingdom – but there is always a sense of a deeper purpose, a more sinister role that they are playing. 837 more words

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#TSW Kaidan: Atmosphere, Music, and Helpful Players

It’s been a while since I’ve really played The Secret World. I mean, I’ve been playing it, but only paying surface attention. Kill the thing, oooo that’s pretty, let’s sort inventory. 477 more words

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A Noble Purpose

Today’s Daily Grind question on Massively Overpowered got me considering factions in MMO’ing.  More specifically, how multifaceted factions are the more interesting than the flat black-versus-white sort that you see in some games.   831 more words

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