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'People are awful and bloody in general': Interview with Michael Gira of Swans

Michael Gira tells me he’s “just a little braindead”. He’s having a rare day off tour with Swans at his home in upstate New York, ears ringing as he tries to recharge for the short final leg of the band’s world tour, including three shows in Ireland. 2,141 more words


Millions and millions of stars in your eyes: Swans in Manchester

Swans leader Michael Gira once said the band’s mission is to fuck your insides, in “that deep sex death place in your stomach”. The band’s live reputation is a mix of urban myth and early-80s No Wave doctrine: mass seizures, vomiting, perforated eardrums, Gira locking doors and turning off air conditioning, just for starters. 721 more words

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Swans - Lunacy

Incredible opener from 2012’s huge album ‘The Seer’.

Elements of American and folk are woven into the heaviness Swans are usually known for; except even the heaviness on this album starts to open up and breathe to bring us proof that the ‘reactivated’ Swans are all about evolution. 11 more words


..and on to the seer

The Seer, from The Wildwood Tarot

The Seer is at the hub of the Wheel in the quarter related to Water and the emotions and linked to the mysteries of the Moon and the Earth. 514 more words

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“No other true art exists besides the ability to see and listen at the transcendent level. To be open to the cosmic impulse. An artist must be willing to sharpen his consciousness and his intuitive senses to be able to see and release the humane and the cosmic in even the most insignificant, banal, superficial and mediocre. 1,596 more words


Book Blitz: MacInness Legacy Boxed Set by Julie & Sandy Moffett

The MacInness Legacy Series

In 1692, an innocent man accused of witchcraft hangs in Salem, Massachusetts. His death reignites a deadly feud between the descendants of two ancient Scottish clans—MacGow and MacInness, which leaves the MacInness clan descendants cursed. 1,441 more words

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Sorry for being so quiet the last months. I’ve been working my ass off for a rude, downright mean lady i Perth and I’m now on my way to Sydney. 39 more words