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February Wish List

Hello dears, I’m finally feeling better after having a savage case of the flu..yaaaay!! For some reason I’m mega hyped, maybe I’m hyped on life, maybe it was the pro plus and coffee I had a few hours ago, I dunno, the mystery unravels. 554 more words

Walking my talk

Well, I didn’t see this coming. Not so soon anyway. Another change. Another transition. But just another day in life’s journey.

I am both glad and sad… perhaps sad is too dramatic. 375 more words

Living Life

If We’d Used Novels as Our Means of Communication, the Relativity of Literature

The two great minds are, colliding again, translated…

I’d Often Told My Students, No Matter How You May Look Stupid, There’s One Place in This World, that You are a Genius. 2,912 more words


Poem: Who Are You?

Could a picture define itself?
Could a work of art tell you what it means?
Can a photo tell you that it is a scene? 183 more words


Poem: Gone Ego

Frozen in time
Times when the mind is absent
And its absence speeds up the mind

Here, but gone
presently away
Counted 50 years in a second… 44 more words


Hubert J.M. Hermans "The Dialogical Self: Toward a Theory of Personal and Cultural Positioning"

Hermans, Hubert J.M. 2001. The Dialogical Self: Toward a Theory of Personal and Cultural Positioning. Culture & Psychology 7(3): 243–281.

The central concept, the dialogical self, is inspired by two thinkers, James and Bakhtin, who worked in different countries (the USA and Russia, respectively), in different disciplines (psychology and literary sciences), and in different theoretical traditions (pragmatism and dialogism). 1,467 more words

Hubert J.M. Hermans "The Dialogical Self as a Society of Mind"

Hermans, Hubert J.M. 2002. The Dialogical Self as a Society of Mind. Theory & Psychology 12(2): 147–160.

Self and society both function as a polyphony of consonant and dissonant voices. 218 more words