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Dutton To Make It Easier For White People To Get Through Airport Security

Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton has pledged to make it easier for white people to travel by giving them a clearer path through airport security with the Federal police being given the power to ‘randomly’ stop people at airports and check their papers. 137 more words


Does UK Need To Worry About Women Members Of The American Congress?

How do these chancres get their hands on American Power? What does it say about those who vote for these pretentious shrews? Is Maxine Walters typical of American women politicians? 12 more words

Control Of Humanity

Barnaby Joyce Condemns Labor Over Their Citizenship Issues

Former deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has come out swinging at the Labor party over their citizenship issues. With the former deputy Prime Minister particularly angry over the amount of time it has taken for the MP’s in question to resign. 185 more words


Dastyari To Debut New Segment 'Beijing Today' On The Kyle And Jackie O Show

Former Senator Sam Dastyari will this week make his commercial radio debut by hosting the segment Beijing Today on The Kyle & Jackie O Show. 265 more words


Clive Palmer Plans To Launch Titanic 3

Clive Palmer has taken a break from his many court battles to tell the world about his plan to launch his new project Titanic 3. 151 more words


THE SENATE - Tales From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Recently, there have been a large number of bands forming that decide to make their lyrical themes based around a book, video game, or film series. 553 more words


Senate Republicans Pass The Most Sweeping Tax Reform Bill In Decades

Despite the fact that no one could read it, the Senate passed the most massive tax rewrite in decades early Saturday morning. “We think this is a great day for the country,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said after the 51-to-49 vote (Senator Bob Corker from Tennessee was the only Republican to vote against the bill). 459 more words

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