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Little black books.

I don’t believe in superstition or lucky charms, but I do believe in presentation.

My observation has been that presenting the bill in a black book–instead of a tip tray or leaving the receipt on its own–has a correlation with decent to generous tips. 183 more words



We have limited room in the restaurant, therefore, us servers will line up along the bar in an assembly-line fashion to get done what we need to get done. 196 more words



With our baskets of bread we also provide a set up of pesto, olive oil and asiago cheese to dip it in. And even though working in the food service industry means that you should expect have food spilled on you, nothing really prepares you for constant contact with olive oil. 191 more words


Boxing portions.

Other than going back and forth to get a third round of free bread for a table, the second biggest time waster is wrapping up food to-go. 269 more words


Stab it.

Tickets are printed at the bar, the cold food station, and the hot food station whenever a server enters in the orders in the computer. On these tickets are the order, the table number, that seat numbers and the server’s name. 176 more words


Wiped clean.

There are many unsanitary things about the restaurant I work in–and in many restaurants that are open. That inspection grade that is posted in every food distribution building is mostly a reflection on the mood of the inspector when they walked into the restaurant. 225 more words



People always ask about our “free bread”.

Just because things are free doesn’t mean that they are unlimited.

There are a few telling details about the way certain customers react toward the “free bread”. 188 more words