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Statistics Prove Anglo Women Are Ravenous Materialists Who Are Destroying the Environment

The media will never call the Anglobitch out on her astounding, breathtaking hypocrisy. Oh, but we will.

Anglo women claim to be concerned about the environment and “saving the planet” but never admit they probably should cut back on buying useless garbage in order to make a contribution to the effort.  1,039 more words

The Sexes

Bill O'Reilly Takedown Another Classic Anglo Sexual Witch Hunt

Quelle surprise! Another sex scandal in severely sexually repressed Anglo America. Right on the heels of the homely governor of Alabama resigning over some tepid sexts, the news drops that O’Reilly is out at Fox News. 758 more words

The Sexes

The Freak Show That is Online Dating in America

Entitlement runs deep in Anglo America.

Install a couple of dating apps on your phone and take a look at the dating pool. Half the women on an app like POF or Badoo are obese. 885 more words

The Sexes

The Puritan Roots of American Feminism

Thanks to our reader Bob for his donation which sponsors this article on The New Modern Man. Have your own questions answered and help us spread The Truth About Women and the World by… 2,561 more words


Author Exposes The Androgyny Agenda

Kudos to Ashley McGuire, author. She’s a true rarity in this day and age, an American woman shunning the flocks of indoctrinated sheeple, daring to strike out in a bold new direction using the power of the pen. 826 more words

The Sexes

The End of Child Support Annuities? North Dakota Shared Parenting Bill Passes Senate

Tiny North Dakota (population wise, anyway) almost made a big move when it comes to ending the 18-year child support annuities Anglo women currently enjoy. House Bill 1392, the “shared parenting bill” just passed the North Dakota Senate. 590 more words

The Sexes

A Really Good Film

I did one of my famous ‘pass out on the couch after dinner’ moves last night.  It was no surprise as there was a new moon on Monday (full moons usually always wake me up around 3-4 am) that I had managed to evade for a few days (aka nights). 95 more words

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