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okay, so, you have no idea what you have done to us

This is for Tiger Woods, Jude Law, Jesse James, Ashton Kutcher, Mel Gibson, Billy Bob, James Cameron, Brad Pitt, Hugh Grant, Arnie S., Kristen Stewart, Ethan Hawke, Jay-Z, Eddie Fisher, Bill Clinton, Frank S. 236 more words


Cancer Center Founder's Wife Demands $400k a Month in Divorce Case

As often shouted from the rooftops here at your advocate for masculinity, marriage has been reduced to a sophisticated game of prostitution in Anglo America. If you ever doubt that, the old maxim… 1,088 more words

The Sexes

I am now part of the #hive

Just downloaded my first ever Beyoncé song (Hold Up) the other day and I am hooked!! omg. She is fabulous.  Also found this cute… 61 more words

Creative Genius

Female Behavior, Shit Tests, and The Selfish Gene

If there’s one thing a man learns about women when he literally beds hundreds of them in his own personal anthropological experiment trying to find out what makes females tick (as well as his own taste for hedonism—heh) it’s that… 1,657 more words

The Sexes

Editor's Picks For The Week (ending 08/10/16)

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If you’re new on Grace and Truth, there’s much you have missed.  But do not despair.  Through the #EditorsPick hashtag, I’ve been sifting through my archives to find you some real nice gems, that I hope will inspire you each day.   825 more words

Matters Of The Heart

You don't look like a climber -by Anna C. Smith, a beautiful soul gone too soon...

“She’s way too thin!” “She needs to wear more clothes. She only does that for attention.” “You don’t fit the image we’re looking for.” “That tattoo is a tramp stamp.” “I can’t believe she’s wearing… 31 more words

Ancestral Callings