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When Sex Loses Its Mystical Quality

In the West, women and social engineers profit by keeping sex shrouded in mystery, awe, and fascination. Sex is everywhere, but there’s none to be had for the average man. 2,014 more words

The Sexes

Americans Having Less Sex, But Not This American

Most Americans aren’t getting laid as much as they used to.

A skewed sexual market (i.e. the return of the Law of the Jungle brought on by feminism) means fewer men are monopolizing more women. 834 more words

The Sexes

Why Strippers and Legal Working Girls Are Better Bets in Anglo America

I’ve banged girls of both high and low status on the socioeconomic ladder. I’ve come to the conclusion I am only dealing with strippers and legal whores when I’m visiting the States. 870 more words

The Sexes

Transgender Wrestler Wins Girls' Wrestling Championship


That’s about all there is to say about this twisted story of a transgender wrestler who is genetically a girl but transitioning to be a boy winning the girls’ wrestling championship. 723 more words

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Big Daddy Government and His Cuckolding Welfare State

One of the worst things that can happen to a man is becoming the victim of an interloper. As the horrors of the modern West continue to reveal themselves to the thinking man who collaborates with other awakened men online, an interloper of the worst possible design has revealed himself. 994 more words

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Transactional Sex: Every Woman Has Her Price

From the streetwalker to the wife of a Hollywood A-lister, women do not associate with men who provide no benefit to them. Hoes of all prices and persuasions (marriage is, after all legalized prostitution) always want money out of their dealings with men, since money is the source of status and power. 1,386 more words

The Sexes

Why Foreign Women Are Better Than the Anglobitch

My recent article criticizing the Anglobitch that first appeared on Return of Kings sparked a lively debate with its bold but personally well-researched claim that Western women (and especially those from the English-speaking world) have become the worst in the world, with some men defending their honor even as they plunge Western nations into sexlessness, fatherlessness, and take beta male provider roles away through careerism, rendering modern men nothing more than sperm donors and utility objects. 1,613 more words