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Saving Grace

The hunter and the ring (of paler skin)

She played the game just right

Laughed out loud at all his jokes

No matter how stupid or… 161 more words


Do Americans Fuck Food Rather than Each Other?

Before we get started, the headline is a bit of a joke. But, all good humor contains at least a grain of truth at its nucleus. 1,472 more words

The Sexes

Abundance Mentality: Turning Down Free Sex

I am turning down some 20-year old pussy.

I can’t believe I just said that. But it’s true. I have a girl in St. Louis sending me nude photos of herself, and the offer for a NSA tryst is on the table if only I swing by and hit it. 522 more words

The Sexes

Never Trust a Woman

What skilled liars and deceivers.

When a man makes the mistake of letting a bitch get too close, his mind is fogged and his judgment altered. 316 more words

The Sexes

Male Dominance: Most Women Like Rough Sex

If there’s one commonality among the nearly 150 women I’ve bedded so far, among all nationalities and ethnicities, it’s that the vast majority of them got off on rough sex. 1,180 more words

The Sexes

Trading Sexual Satisfaction for Materialism

A century ago, Sigmund Freud laid down his theories about the human mind using psychoanalysis. Even today, his findings are controversial in Western culture, perhaps because they tell people things about themselves they’d rather not know. 1,414 more words

The Sexes

We Need an "I Love Pussy" Month

The month of June just closed out, a month in which gays in Anglo America get to rub their sexuality in everyone’s face and celebrate lifestyles that turn them into genetic dead ends. 1,228 more words

The Sexes