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J.D. Unwin Explained How Feminism Would Destroy Culture 30 Years Before Women's Lib

It should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Sex and Culture, the classic work of Oxford-educated anthropologist J.D. Unwin, that feminism and loose sexual mores are leading to cultural and civilizational decline in the West. 1,710 more words

Decline Of The West

Women's Unrestrained Sexual Instincts Lead to Dystopia

Primitive sexual forces detailed by Freud and unleashed by feminism have released the hounds of hell on Western civilization by ending restrictions on female sexuality. Sexual forces stemming from the limbic or “reptilian” brain inside all of us, no longer constrained by culture are changing the lives of everyone in society, and changing them in de-civiling ways. 1,382 more words

The Sexes

And You Thought Slavery Ended in 1865

American politicians love to self-righteously pat themselves on the back, play the race card, and genuflect before audiences about the horrors of slavery. Oh, what backwards times those were. 2,636 more words

Big Daddy Government

NAWALT: Not All Women Are Like That!

NAWALT! Not all women are like that! One must hear or see that tired pretense several times a week, if not more often in discussions with or about women. 2,085 more words

The Sexes

The Hedonic Treadmill Explains Why You Can't Buy a Woman's Love

If the timeless maxim Alpha Fux, Beta Bux has not shunned you from turning yourself into a walking ATM machine for women, the concept of The Hedonic Treadmill will explain another reason it is impossible to satisfy women with material things and why you are ultimately digging a trap for yourself by trying. 1,867 more words

The Sexes

Can a Woman Love a Man?

The idea of love is tossed around in our society as if it is inevitable that we will someday fall in love and stay in love our entire lives. 2,386 more words

The Sexes

Women Will Do Anything for an Alpha - Including Having Sex with Other Women

A sexual jungle has been unleashed on America and Europe by feminism. A new study gives us another example of what it’s like to live in this jungle: the Alpha male gets a harem and women are willing to have sex with each other to keep him satisfied. 1,349 more words

The Sexes