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First Time Threesomes: Tell Women What to Do

The menage a trois can be one of the most thrilling of sexual experiences for the heterosexual male. Historically, in man’s wilder days, it meant the chance for him to pass on his genes with not one but two women at the same time. 1,104 more words

The Sexes

Senior Citizen Robs Bank to Escape His Anglobitch Wife

Here’s an interesting case of what it’s really like to be married for a long time to the same American woman, rather than the sugar coated fantasies we are deluded with from childhood. 1,327 more words

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False Advertising: Women Hide Their True Faces with Makeup

Maybe first dates need to involve going swimming. The deception is real, gentlemen.

If ever there was a palpable demonstration of women’s innate tendency to dissemble – disguise or conceal themselves and their true feelings – it plays out with the unbelievable amount of makeup Western women wear. 1,087 more words

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Swirling: Black Women and White Men

I was 21 the first time I slept with a black girl, at least five years after my first time ever with a white chick in the front seat of a sports car I had in high school. 859 more words

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What Prostitutes Can Charge Represents Women's Declining SMV as They Age

The scientific journal Evolution and Human Behavior recently published an interesting study confirming many of the ideas about female sexual market value (SMV) and The Wall discussed on manosphere blogs like this one. 1,099 more words

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Too Much Sex and Success with Women Can Lead to Burnout

I have had unmitigated success with women since learning the harsh truth about women featured on Return Of Kings, Chateau Heartiste, and other men’s blogs. Through the collective wisdom of men on these sites, I’ve gamed and bedded women all over the world, and enjoyed some real stunners along my path of debauchery. 1,746 more words

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