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The Androgyny Agenda: U.S. Army Issues Guidelines for Pregnant Men

The Anglo world has long had issues with sexuality, from unhealthy Puritan repression morphing into modern, secular feminism to an ethnic group of women who have the most acute case of Freudian Penis Envy in the world. 764 more words

The Sexes

Reader Mailbag: Secular, Modern Feminism Has Puritan, Religious Roots

There’s a common misconception when we discuss latent Puritanism in a spiritually dead, modern Anglo-America. Jonathan Castle writes The New Modern Man with an astute question: 764 more words


Reader Mailbag: The Female Kiss of Death

As women move to discard unwanted men from their lives, how many times have we seen this scene play out in front of our eyes, whether we are on the receiving end or it is a brother of ours? 320 more words

The Sexes

The "What I Had to Put Up With" Memory Trap

If there’s one feature of today’s women in Anglo culture I genuinely can’t stand, it’s the “What I had to put up with” memory trap. It is truly astonishing to witness this purge of pent up hatred surge forth from the mouth of a woman who, like a black widow, is going in for the metaphorical kill of a male who is no longer a worthy utility object or meal ticket in her mind and must be disposed of. 984 more words

The Sexes

Too Good for Guys: Thoughts on the Sexual Trades Union Thesis

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

An interesting strand of thought in the Manosphere maintains that feminist antagonism to mass sexual freedom arises from the need of old/ugly/obese women to maintain their SMV (sexual market value). 787 more words

The Sexes

Betrayal: The Essence of Being Female

If there’s a one word description to use when summing up the essence of being female, betrayal is one that immediately springsĀ to mind. Women are loyal only to themselves, even though they fool many Betas into believing they “love” them. 1,302 more words

The Sexes

Penis Envy on Parade: Establishment Media Lauds Hairy Women

The West really is becoming a grotesque parody of itself. The Socialist code word “progress” now literally means progressing towards total androgyny. The latest symbol of this so-called progress? 720 more words

The Sexes