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Swirling: Black Women and White Men

I was 21 the first time I slept with a black girl, at least five years after my first time ever with a white chick in the front seat of a sports car I had in high school. 859 more words

The Sexes

What Prostitutes Can Charge Represents Women's Declining SMV as They Age

The scientific journal Evolution and Human Behavior recently published an interesting study confirming many of the ideas about female sexual market value (SMV) and The Wall discussed on manosphere blogs like this one. 1,099 more words

The Sexes

Too Much Sex and Success with Women Can Lead to Burnout

I have had unmitigated success with women since learning the harsh truth about women featured on Return Of Kings, Chateau Heartiste, and other men’s blogs. Through the collective wisdom of men on these sites, I’ve gamed and bedded women all over the world, and enjoyed some real stunners along my path of debauchery. 1,746 more words

The Sexes

The Carousel Effect: DNA from Previous Sex Partners Could Affect Future Offspring

If the controversial revelations in Sperm Wars revealing the harsh truths about just how tricky women’s fertility can be and how promiscuous the history of the human species has been were not enough, here’s another bombshell that just dropped. 939 more words


On Threesomes

The ménage à trois. For many heterosexual men, it is the pinnacle of sexual experience. I had a chance to do one at age 19 but like many young men fumbled on the follow through because I was a “nice guy,” so I had to wait until I was in my 30s and had stopped being a “nice guy” who got used by women to experience one. 1,220 more words

The Sexes

Stop Buying Things for Women

Women are consummate materialists, and statistics prove it (beyond the song Material Girl that made Madonna’s entire career 30 years ago). More than half of women in Anglo America would dump the man they “love” if he didn’t deliver a gift on a birthday or for Valentine’s Day. 1,127 more words

The Sexes