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The Law of the Jungle Rules Today's Sexual Market

Since feminism, the sexual market in the West has been shifting to operate on an r-selected Law of the Jungle. If you are looking for a mate or just trying to get laid in this market, this is why the whole balance seems thrown off. 2,048 more words


The 5 F's of a Happy Man

In the increasingly isolated, demographically moribund existence individuals face in the Western world, men are regularly scapegoated for all the problems women and the world face. 2,556 more words



Why did God, the Magician of magicians, wait so long until Mary was around to – immaculately – impregnate her with the Lord Jesus by way of some light rays? 183 more words


America's Bathroom Insanity Another Sign The Marxists Are Winning

The obsession over transgenders and toilets continues in Anglo America, affirming the continuing tyranny of the leftist minority and its hatred for middle America. It also affirms the left’s marionettes in the legacy media still control the narrative.  1,397 more words

The New World Order

The 10 Laws of Hypergamy

As pointed out in The 10 Laws of The Mating Game, there are two major options once one takes the Red Pill and learns the truth of the heartless business of natural selection, in which nature saves those heredities that work and rejects those that don’t. 1,157 more words

The Sexes

Anglo American Women Are Risky to Your Wallet and Your Freedom

Since the sexual revolution unleashed the Law of the Jungle on the West, today Anglo American women generally do not make very good girlfriends, wives, or mothers. 1,802 more words


Where Do You Stand in the Sexual Hierarchy

In nature, hierarchies are everywhere. They have been a part of history since we crawled out of the slime. In a woman’s subconscious hindbrain, she ranks men according to his social and sexual status before deciding if he is worthy of a visit to the love cave. 928 more words

The Sexes