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WIILLING TO SIN Dialectics of the sexes 4

Yearning to go out of bounds, desiring to violate the rules, the will to sin – perhaps archetypically human. ‘Transgression’ some might call it. Whoever continually suppresses this urge is a victim of religion and of self-appointed moral censors. 698 more words


i’m getting used to it by now, the silent treatment. psychologists would tell me that this is just how men be. i find it intolerable. 337 more words


Poem - "Together as One"

Why do men always disappear?

to go some place, there to sit and stare.

They definitely are the ‘darker’ sex,

twisting and turning with different regrets. 81 more words


Deep Sleep (or, The Princess and the Pee)

So, I’m flying over water again, this time, it’s the Arlantic, and I’ve found something even more challenging than smelly baby poop. It’s having a window seat, with a seat partner that refuses to awaken. 1,295 more words


Mind as well as Matter (Sexual Healing)

We live in a generations where we are basically born with imbedded trust issues, and it’s a lot easier for us to seek physical attributes of a relationship rather than mental ones. 545 more words


Your Girlfriend

this poem

is dedicated to the men

who still don’t know the difference

between a girlfriend

and a woman

a girlfriend gives you butterflies

and a woman gives you eagles… 432 more words


PIMP OF THE PERVERSE Dialectics of the sexes 2

If self is a location, so is love:
Bearings taken, markings, cardinal points,
Options, obstinacies, dug heels, and distance,
Here and there and now and then, a stance.
1,071 more words

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