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The Trouble With Disney's Teeny, Tiny Princesses

Disney has taken a lot of flak for perpetrating sexist stereotypes in its princess movies. In today’s competitive, every-moment-counts child-rearing culture, American parents want their kids’ entertainment to be not just fun, but also fulfilling. 920 more words

What's a Man For?

It’s an age-old question, that defies analysis,
and leads to a certain mental paralysis.
One I ask myself as I stare out the door:
“What, after all, I am here for?” 144 more words


How Nonemployed Americans Spend Their Weekdays: Men vs. Women

Josh Katz for The New York Times:

“Nonworkers spend much more time doing housework. Men without jobs, in particular, spend more time watching television, while women without jobs spend more time taking care of others. 17 more words


Veruca Salt: Today’s Modern Woman, A Spoiled Egg

When I look and see the behaviour of the majority of women today, Veruca Salt from the classic book and film Charlie and the Chocolate… 1,588 more words


The Getaway

“We need ice,” she said, just as he had gotten his shoes off. “There must be an ice machine somewhere. All motels got them, don’t they.” 2,187 more words