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There are days when you feel like an old pair of jeans; faded and distressed.

Communities can be very claustrophobic. As a female, I was often sat down and spoken to about ‘the next step’ and ‘getting older.’ i know that males have this too, sometimes, but there’s is a far shallower conversation as they lack a uterus. 570 more words


Ohhhhhh Boy: The ‘Nice Guys’ Phenomena

Some of the new Youtube trends I love as of late include a Youtuber named SorrowTV, who happens to be a great maker of compilation videos he hilariously reenacts for sh*ts and giggles. 716 more words


Why I Shall Never Get Married

“Married men live longer than unmarried men, but desire to die a lot sooner.” (Johnny Carson)

Plain and simple, married men are fools.

Among the many stupid things a man can do, getting married ranks fairly close to the top. 1,052 more words


Cultural Disease with a Hashtag

By David Spear

Far from being the sensible man I long to be, and only concern myself with what makes sense, or can somehow be helped, I’m again falling prey to the insane delusion that it is somehow my duty to instil some of its lost sense in this senseless world. 701 more words


The Surreal Feminist Comedy Act

Confronted with the headlines these days, you’d be led to think that sexual harassment and objectification of women rank among the greatest challenges facing our civilisation today. 845 more words


Sorry MeToo, I Won't Fight Your Battle

By David Spear

The best route to understanding someone else’s point of view, specially when that view seems fairly alien to you, goes through the ability – and willingness – to put yourself into their shoes, and try to see the world the way they see it. 1,097 more words


Losing Our Women

I recently happened to be exercising in the park, like I often do, when I was approached by two teenage girls, all bubbly and giggly, who wanted me to show them how to do a few of the things I was doing on the pull-up bar. 767 more words