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Du temps où je ne t’avais pas
J’amais la Nature comme un moine tranquille le Christ…

Fernando Pesssoa, Le berger amoureux… 236 more words

The Sexes


An invitation is made when the bosom

appears bulging into the neckline,

his gaze is grabbed and as she walks away

she pulls him to his feet to trail after her, 68 more words


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Wow, I am blown away by the nuances of this poem. A Powerful message about how each sex views a relationship! Comments are disabled. Please visit Shawn's blog to leave a comment. Thanks!

Girl Wave, Guy Wave, and Now - Trans Wave

Females and males wave in different ways.

Girl Wave1

The girl wave works below the elbow, only, and is used by females of all ages, young and old. 344 more words



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You have mixed eyes. I see a dreamer in one eye and a fool in the other. You see, I’m so old now that I’m going around a second time and appreciate things. 686 more words


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Yearning to go out of bounds, desiring to violate the rules, the will to sin – perhaps archetypically human. ‘Transgression’ some might call it. 714 more words

Poem - "Together as One"

Why do men always disappear?

to go some place, there to sit and stare.

They definitely are the ‘darker’ sex,

twisting and turning with different regrets. 81 more words


Deep Sleep (or, The Princess and the Pee)

So, I’m flying over water again, this time, it’s the Arlantic, and I’ve found something even more challenging than smelly baby poop. It’s having a window seat, with a seat partner that refuses to awaken. 1,295 more words