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False Start, 2-card penalty?

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Hitting the Books:
Mystical Manga (left) – The World: The Fool’s quest has ended. Lessons have been learned, and the preparations for a new journey are on the horizon. 575 more words


Chiron in Aries

Chiron has just entered Aries its farthest point from the Sun and he will stay in the Martial realm for 8 years. Chiron can be understood as that core, recurrent issue that keeps coming up until you figure it out. 236 more words

Step 1: The Magician

If the Fool is the beginning of the Journey then the Magician is the first sure step taken. While the Fool wanders without care or aim, the Magician is focus and will. 769 more words


(Poetic) Thought of the Day....

“No matter what forms we observe, but particularly in the organic, we shall find nowhere anything enduring, resting, completed, but rather that everything is in a continuous motion.”—Goethe, Joseph Campbell’s Creative Mythology  118 more words


30 minute story

This is piece of flash fiction – I gave myself 30 minutes to tell a story based on a photograph I found. Please feel free to let me how you think it went! 414 more words