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Now running at The Weekend Theater - Neil LaBute's THE SHAPE OF THINGS

Neil LaBute’s The Shape of Things opened last night at The Weekend Theater.  It continues tonight, October 2 & 3 and 9 & 10.

This modern day retelling of the fall of man challenges our most deeply entrenched ideas about art and love. 89 more words


The Shape of Things

Audria took short shallow breaths as she attempted to remain motionless, but heard snaps and cracks with even the slightest vibrations while a cold sweat ran down her back. 147 more words

Short Short Stories

The Shape of Things.

I hate that movie, vehemently.

And yet it is such a good movie.

A book, a show, a series, or something that we come across that incites such strong emotion within in us is always very well done. 268 more words

Some iPhone 6 Plus Users Saying Their Phones Bent While In Their Pockets

The release of the almost-a-tablet iPhone 6 Plus is presenting users with a tricky issue — how to carry the phone without damaging it. It’s too big for many back pockets (where it stands the risk of being damaged anyway) and some claim that putting it in their front pocket has resulted in a bent device. 172 more words

The Shape of Things – Henry Moore at Harewood

  By Neil Mudd

 With the Yorkshire Sculpture Park scooping Museum of the Year, and major new installations by Ai Weiwei and the late Franz West, these are renaissance times for sculpture in the North of England. 522 more words

Arts And Culture

Pere Ubu: The Shape of Things

The only available recorded live album with Peter Laughner. Sound is ok, but nothing great. There’s a lot of annoying crowd noise between songs, so it’s worth just skipping. 43 more words

Art Must be Genuine as True Love

Things can only be considered as an art only if it was created by an artist through an undoubtedly genuine medium and does not violate or devastate the beliefs and real identity of an individual. 988 more words