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God Save Us From Real Conservatism

I once told a very religious person, “If being a Christian means being like you, I don’t want to be one.” Its the same with being a conservative (at least in today’s understanding of the ideology). 1,274 more words


The Sheople's Quiz by The Goon Squad

A Quiz to See How Badly Your Brain is Infected With Zionism

(Without using the Internet or other sources, try and answer these questions from memory.) 429 more words


The Why's Of The Boston Bombing

There are surely several reasons “why” the did this false flag event. To me, enough focus (at least for the time being) has been made on the victims. 1,098 more words


B'Man's Sabbath Watch: Our Lord And Saviour, Barack Obama

Lord, help the black folk shun this moron, Jamie Foxx:

Foxx isn’t the only moron.

So is Michael D’Antuon.

h/t America20XY

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Did I rub you the wrong way or stroke you just right? 200 more words


What If Nobody Showed Up To Vote?

CTRAFFIK -“What if Nobody Showed Up to Vote?” (Official Video)

Wake up, wake your mind up. Yo!

What if, what if nobody showed up to vote?

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Nobody Wins The POTUS Election

My wife took her 90 something year old grandmother to vote early yesterday. It was comedic, in that she can’t hear anything, but didn’t want BuelahLady to help her because BuelahLady told her she wasn’t voting for any “lesser of two evils”. 381 more words


RAP NEWS 16: OBAMA v ROMNEY - the Final Presidential Debate

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