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My Terrible Movie Synopses

(Kind of in the tradition of Cracked.com)

Alien: Awesome chick named Ripley goes to space and meets my ex-boyfriend there.

Fight Club: Jack takes his raging bile duct and smirking revenge through a meat grinder and then watches a fireworks show.

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A Hint Of Vanilla

Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep is Stephen King’s long-awaited follow-up to The Shining.  It reads like a breeze.  And yes, both books are about alcoholism, only the sequel is less scary and more sobering. 802 more words


Scarred for Life

When you’re a kid, there are a lot of things that can leave an impression on you. From the youngest age I can always remember certain movies that would brand an image into my mind and scare the shit out of me. 2,149 more words


TTT: Things That Make Me Instantly Want to Read a Book

When searching for the next book to read (hopefully a future favorite) there are a few items that will make me want to read a book sooner rather than later. 621 more words


Film Six: The Shining (1980)

Having been a devoted Stephen King fan for many years, it often scares me to think of a director attempting to realize his remarkable writing into cinema. 270 more words


Reviewing the Pages: The Shining

What of the penetrating cold terror of an old hotel, a haunted place of seductive evil with a malevolent will of its own—and a five-year-old boy of innocent beauty whose mind mirrors the nightmarish secrets of its past?

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