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Road to Daddyhood (and Recovery)

What a difference a year and three months makes. It’s been a long time since I blogged and it’s an entirely different world I live in today. 373 more words


April 2016: In a Nutshell.

How in the world are we already in May?! How did that happen? It feels like Spring only just started (with a little fight from the Winter with some final flurries and sleet a few weeks ago) 909 more words

The Shining by Stephen King

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Jack Torrence has had a hard year. He is a recovering alcoholic who was recently fired from his teaching job, and to top it off his writing aspirations are getting him nowhere and he’s on the brink of divorce. 821 more words


The Constant Reader


The Constant Reader

By Nandy Ekle

Anyone who reads Stephen King recognizes what a “constant reader” is. If you haven’t heard this phrase before, it’s the term of endearment Mr. 370 more words


The Electrician From 'The Shining' Has Some Great Memories About Stanley Kubrick

There is perhaps no major motion picture that has captivated audiences for as long as The Shining has while driving them all absolutely crazy. The… 319 more words


The One with the Blackout

When I first moved into the room I would be subletting until June 1, the overhead light flickered on occasion. Mostly, it was lighthouse-quality steady and calm, but now and then–and for the first few seconds every time I flipped the switch to “on”–it hummed and buzzed and looked like the start of a horror movie starring Jack Nicholson. 643 more words

New Aesop Rock?!?

The album The Impossible Kid is releasing this Friday, but you can hear it now! 104 more words