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The Shining: Bathrooms Part 3c

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One of the reasons I find ‘The Shining Forwards/\Backwards’ so fascinating is the synchronizing of images… 124 more words

RYAN ADAMS and the SHINING - " Red Rocks " 17th August 2016

Ryan Adams at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Wednesday night was everything you would want from the eclectic rocker and then some, as he crooned for hours amid his arcade cabinets, vintage (and sadly, non-functional) Dr. 480 more words


Kubrick's Greatest Lesson - Proving That Genre Doesn't Define A Director

By Will Barber Taylor

Stanley Kubrick is one of the world’s greatest directors. He pioneered film and set a precedent for future filmmakers to follow. His use of semaphore and extended metaphors combined with stellar cinematography make the bulk of his work classics of the medium. 442 more words


The Shining: Bathrooms Part 3b

Jack throws Grady’s wiping cloth at the figure of Danny, who’s retreating from the bedroom…

And we move into the hotel lobby, where the second of three scenes runs silently backwards as the ballroom bathroom scene continues forwards. 53 more words

The Shining: Bathrooms Part 3a

The scene with Jack and Grady in the bathroom is nearly 6 minutes long…

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David F. Sandberg, Don Mancini and 20 Other Horror Icons Tell Us What Horror Movies Scare Them!

As horror fans we feed on brilliant cinema, and that often leaves us looking up to certain filmmakers, actors and writers. When you look up to someone you admire, it becomes an impossibility to avoid wondering what makes these guys tick. 772 more words

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“Sometimes human places, create inhuman monsters.” ― Stephen King, The Shining

This wonderful book is the second one on my Reading Challenge for this year. I got the idea to read this book after watching the Stanley Kubrick movie and the documentary “Room 237”. 278 more words

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