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A Matter of Perspective

Recently I’ve become more in tune with perspectives and point of views in the context of storytelling.  It’s not something people talk a whole lot about it seems, but as I’ve been seeing more stuff on my own, I think it’s something that absolutely should be talked about to help people understand stories a little better, both in crafting them on their own and in viewing stories other people have made. 927 more words


Learn Lynch: Lost Highway

“Learn Lynch” is a new series here on 25YL where one of our writers watches a David Lynch film for the first time and reviews it. 1,586 more words

Twin Peaks

Stephen King Sountrack Collection – Limited Box Set Details

Varèse Sarabande Records is proud to announce a new 8-CD box set celebrating the music of four classic Stephen King titles – DREAMCATCHER, FIRESTARTER, THE STAND… 956 more words


{four years into reading like rory}

Well, as promised, my fourth year of reading like Rory (2016) was better than my third year.

Although, I wouldn’t say much better.

I started the year by using a random number generator to randomly select six books for my bookworm buddy and I to tackle that year. 502 more words


"You got a big surprise coming to you. You're not going anywhere!" - THE SHINING

Everyone watches their favourite horror films on Halloween, but over the last few years I’ve dedicated October 31st to THE horror movie, and seeing it on the big screen for the first time recently, a thought struck me… This might be the only film ever that gets scarier the more someone watches it. 427 more words

Danny Torrance

The Shining: A Spacial and Temporal Examination of a Spectral Narrative

In the beginning of Place: An Introduction, Tim Cresswell describes the significance of placing a specific art exhibit, one foregrounding Bollywood movies, in an elite Swedish town where only the 1% tend to visit, in part because it’s difficult to get there.  2,465 more words


Movies to Add to Your Must-Watch List

By Bella Douglas

If I were asked to describe my taste in movies, I suppose I’d say that I don’t have one. I hate the idea of limiting myself to a single genre or style. 317 more words