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Till My Baby Comes Home, by The Shirelles

Not sure girl, been gone for long long still
& now the Romeos are knocking & ringin’ my bell
They just keep hangin’ around
Steady to right to break me down… 77 more words


Look Away, by The Shirelles

(Look away, look away, look away, look away)
Turn your head & walk on (don’t stop) when you see me alone
Don’t you bother to say “Good day” … 218 more words


0748 It's Love That Really Counts (In The Long Run) - The Shirelles (1962)

Hal David and Burt Bacharach wrote this song in 1962. It was first recorded by The Shirelles. It was released as a single with Stop The Music… 72 more words


The Shirelles "What Is Love?" (From The Shirelles Greatest Hits Vol II, 1967).

The Shirelles “What Is Love?” (From the LPĀ The Shirelles Greatest Hits Vol II, 1967).

As I get ready for my first ever lecture on girl groups, I’m combing through powerpoint slides and notes and MP3 of who and what mattered most in the girl group era, and I’m humbled that I get to bring Women’s History, Astrology and The Shirelles together (alongside other women underrepresented in music and pop culture) together in a documented way. 107 more words

Soul Song Of The Day

Beginning of the Rants...

Yesterday I had to coordinate with my dad to get on the same train. From 4:30pm, I got a sequence of texts from him every few minutes like this: 496 more words


0713 Tonight's The Night - The Shirelles (1960)

This song was written by Luther Dixon and Shirley Owens. It was recorded by The Shirelles in 1960. It was released as a single with… 61 more words