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Ohio State's Friday Night Lights

Every year, the Buckeyes play host to some of the best high school prospects in the nation. This year was no different as over 100 kids descended onto Columbus for their chance to play in The Shoe and under the lights.

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People Can't Handle #TheShoe

Earlier, our girl Lauren Kelly told you about the new massive tweet-bate over which color nail polish best matches a fuchsia BCBG pump. Reminiscent of a certain dress… 212 more words


'Which colour matches the shoe best?' Social media groans as #TheShoe dubbed the new #TheDress


— a (@totallymendes) July 8, 2015

A Twitter photo of a shoe, which may or may not match either pink or purple nail polish, has sparked an intense online debate that reminded many of an infamous black and blue (or was it white and gold) dress that divided the Internet five months ago.

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#TheShoe is the new #TheDress

Earlier this year, we spent many sleepless nights trying to figure out whether or not #TheDress was black and blue or white and gold. Well it’s happening again. 82 more words

Which color matches #TheShoe? New #TheDress debate going viral

Remember the big dress debate that took over the Internet back in February? There’s a new debate going viral.

This week, Twitter user @totallymendes posted a photo of a shoe and bottles of nail polish. 172 more words


#TheShoe Replaces #TheDress as Latest Viral Debate

Remember when everybody and their mother was arguing over whether #TheDress was white and gold or blue and black? The latest illusion to sweep Twitter, which has been dubbed #TheShoe, is a photo of two bottles of nail polish (pink and purple) next to a pinkish-purple shoe. 85 more words


The Shoe Debate

Here we go again..first it was #TheDress and now it is #theshoe. On Tuesday, Twitter user @totallymendes asked the Internet for some help, which nail color matches her shoe the best? 110 more words