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New Sculptures

Here are a few sculptures I recently finished. Both sculptures were carved from charred walnut root balls that I’ve been salvaging from a burn pile. … 23 more words

The Shop

Lookahead to Ladyfest! This Weekend: 6/23/17 - 6/25/17

Happy Solstice! Festival season is upon us and this weekend brings us the females in the forefront Ladyfest! Founded in Olympia, Washington in 2000, this year’s festivities mark it’s fifth year in Pittsburgh. 562 more words


Local Love: The VIP Celebration

It’s still sinking in that this dream of ours has become a reality. Just over a month ago, we were knee deep in paint, dust, wood shavings, empty hangers and these huge super-sized shit-eating grins. 317 more words

The Shop

When you see...

When you see…

A warm lighting: there is a huge industrial lamp lit up with 3 others house lights and HOURS of working against shadows, lighting up, lighting off, maybe 3 lamps lit, maybe just one, HOURS of trial to get that so precious perfect lighting that brings up the desired ambiance… 192 more words


What's new Scooby Doo?

Well… Let’s brag a little bit ;)

We are working hard on our brand and our images… We found amazing ideas to complete our current shop, based on creation and handcrafting… We got our first review (5 stars!!!) on Etsy :)))) We got 50 more followers on Instagram in 3 days and reached another hundred visits in the shop… 111 more words


LeBron Admits his Family Didn't Want him to Return to the Cleveland Cavaliers

Three seasons ago, LeBron’s mother wasn’t too fond of him going back to the Cavaliers. 182 more words