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this moment

I’m spending most of my time locked up in my bedroom with Sofia and Amelia. Sofia has to be kept separated from the other cats as much as possible due to her illness, and because she needs to stay calm. 417 more words


monkeys in my head

Ever since I was a little girl I felt like an underachiever. You know the ‘I’m not enough’ theme song? I know you do. It’s been my soundtrack for my whole life. 444 more words


Rocking Chair Mockup

Rocking chair prototype 4.0

 Does anyone remember the scene from The Patriot where he throws his failed rocking chair onto a pile of chair rejects? There were a few moments like that today.

The Shop

Taking a Vacation (Every Day)

The days are getting warmer, and Bena’s tree is flourishing.

Every day feels like a vacation.

The shop cats are enjoying it.



The Shop.

Best described as…having seen better days. The space is undeniably larger than you’d expect from the front & the original wooden floors give hope to what could be hiding behind the suspicious boarded up walls. 153 more words


Growing Together

Kiki has moved on, but I’m not sad about it. Shorty (whom I’ve posted several pictures of) has also not been seen for a while. That’s part of life at the shop, and as a shop cat. 74 more words


a whole lot o' hot cocoa

There’s a lovely little place in Fox Point that I’ve written about time and time again, where the folks feel like family and the walls, works of art.   936 more words