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Should I Buy the Presidential Estate?

So this year’s 4th of July event brought us a new president as a playable character but there is also a gorgeous new house in the build menu. 196 more words

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Jon Stewart Gives The Proper Reaction To Ted Cruz's Audition For 'The Simpsons'

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When most of the Internet got a peek at Ted Cruz doing his best impressions of characters from The Simpsons on Tuesday, I’m fairly sure the reactions mirrored… 108 more words


So Wrong That It's Right

If that whole Presidential Candidate thing doesn’t work out for Mr. Cruz, well . . . he won’t have a job as a voice-over actor. But perhaps he’ll have a semi-popular YouTube channel. No?


The Gun Roswell Show

“Think, write, read, delete, repeat. Re-think, re-write, skip read, hit send” Gun Roswell

The Gun Roswell Show

(Sung into the tune of Itchy and Scratchy theme from the Simpson’s) 41 more words


Gil Deal - Should I Buy the Scandal-Gate Hotel with President Nixon?

Every year for America’s birthday, TSTO brings us a new US president as a playable character in our games. After Honest Abe and G. Wash’, we are getting Richard Nixon with a building. 366 more words

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Homer Simpson T-Shirt | The Father | The Godfather

You know Homer Simpson sometimes seems very stupid, but if he has a good day may become as cunning as The Godfather. Buy this funny… 8 more words


You'll flip out over these amazing character art pancakes! 【Videos】

Our mothers may have discouraged it, but playing with your food can be incredibly fun and rewarding. Even if it turns out looking kind of a mess, you still get to eat it – and who doesn’t love eating delicious food?  227 more words