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When Ned expects his master bedroom but it's a shitpost

Granted Dr. Hibbert is a staple of the Simpsons shitposting community.


Jebediah Springfield Statue Skin Glitch...That Isn't a Glitch

There seems to be a ton of confusion with many players about the recent Act III prize award of the “Damaged Jebediah Statue.”  I understand your confusion…as EA, once again, in their infinite desire to make things clear and easy for the user (NOT!!!) have failed to mention that… 327 more words

The Simpsons Tapped Out

Favorite Episodes: Season 13-18

Welcome back to another day of Wrap-Up here on the Lifetime of Simpsons. Today we’re going to get into the weeds, dealing with some of the Simpson’s roughest and most dire seasons. 1,367 more words

Lifetime Of Simpsons

Bart Royale - Act III Calendar

Let’s just get this out of the way… “This Event Is Too Long!”

There. I’ve said what needs to be said. EA? Are you listening? 621 more words

The Simpsons Tapped Out

The Simpsons Code

The story I’m about to tell you is not true; but it oddly has some resonances of truth within it. In the process, we are going to explore how the long-running animated TV series… 1,795 more words


Favorite Episodes: Seasons 7-12

Welcome back to the wrap-up of the Lifetime of Simpsons everyone. We’re going to continue working through the seasons today, highlighting my favorite episodes from season seven through twelve today. 1,514 more words

Lifetime Of Simpsons

Slow-paced cartoons - dumbed down viewers?

As I would consider myself a fan of the Back to the Future film trilogy, I intreagerly clicked on a piece of fan fiction titled Back to the Future V when it found itself on my Youtube screen (links below). 800 more words

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