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Men Who Over-Smoke on 4/20.

Alright, so by now we all know that 4/20 is like a way important national holiday or whatever and needs to be honored by select Travis Birkenstock types who can’t just smoke on normal days like a proper stoner. 111 more words

Universal Studios

Apart from Diagon Alley, Universal Studios had added another new part to the park since the last time I visited – Springfield! As a big Simpsons fan, I was pretty excited to see this as well. 82 more words


CMW 2015 Preview: First You Get The Sugar - “Foreign Lands”

We can’t ignore a band that’s named after a line from The Simpsons.

Seems like a typical, albeit deserted, night in Montreal, but wait! Is that one of those… 58 more words


'Simpsons' Photos To Describe Losing Your Virginity Is A Cromulent Use Of Facebook

Before we begin, let me once again remind you to never search Google for “the simpsons sex,” even when you’re only looking for a harmless Tumblr screenshot from “Natural Born Kissers.” Once you’ve seen Bart plowing Marge in his bed, while Milhouse watches and licks from behind, and Stan from… 69 more words


The Top 5 Game of Thrones Spoofs You Must See...

It has begun again. Game of Thrones season five is upon us. Heads were crushed, hearts were broken and incest, sex and violence was again on the agenda in the last season. 518 more words


Great Movie Posters : Tomorrowland

I am really looking forward to Tomorrowland, what with it being a brand new Disney adventure with George Clooney and directed by Brad Bird who knows how to hit the sci-fi bullseye, having already created the masterpiece that was The Iron Giant. 34 more words

ℝandom ℝecurring TV Characters I Love, Pt. 4: Disco Stu

Disco Stu is the owner of Stu’s Disco. He’s a disco freak, completely stuck in the disco-era. He is usually seen wearing a rhinestone-encrusted leisure suit, and shows way too much chest. 290 more words