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The Wild Pitch -- Episode 14.5: Mini- Diddly


Hello everyone! This week on the Wild Pitch Podcast: Mr Rando gives us an interesting collection of things. Something is quite specific, but vague at the same time… if that makes sense. 254 more words

The Wild Pitch

S24 E10 - A Test Before Trying

I said yesterday that this week is going to be full of absurdly mediocre episodes. And today’s episode is maybe one of the most forgettable episodes I’ve ever seen from the Simpsons. 1,224 more words

Lifetime Of Simpsons

589. Lisa the Veterinarian

Original airdate: March 6, 2016

The premise:
When she successfully resuscitates a drowned raccoon, Lisa starts working under the local veterinarian. Meanwhile, Marge earns some extra cash cleaning up crime scenes, but the grisly sights end up deadening her inside. 904 more words

The Simpsons

588. Gal of Constant Sorrow

Original airdate: February 21, 2016

The premise:
Bart lets a homeless woman sleep in his closet, and when Lisa finds out she has an incredible singing voice, she arranges an outdoor concert for her to perform. 1,024 more words

The Simpsons

S24 E09 - Homer Goes to Prep School

Hey there everybody, and welcome back to another week of Lifetime of Simpsons. And guess what? We’re going to have a whole week of utterly forgettable to actively bad episode! 1,476 more words

Lifetime Of Simpsons

Solar Eclipse 2017: Best Episodes to Watch From TVD, Mad Men and More

On Monday, Aug. 21, 2017, the moon will pass between our planet* and the sun, creating a total solar eclipse — and if you think we can’t find a way to relate that to television, you’re obviously a new TVLine reader. 164 more words

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Vale Jerry Lewis

Beloved comedian Jerry Lewis has died, aged 91.

Lewis was well known for his partnership with crooner Dean Martin. The pair made 17 films from 1949-1956. 169 more words