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S12 E05 - Homer vs. Dignity

You know what one of the biggest harbingers of the show’s declining quality has been? A severe lack of Mr. Burns. Back in the Golden Age we were getting two or three great Mr. 1,131 more words

Lifetime Of Simpsons

Did Octavia Butler predict a Trump presidency?

Well, no. But, nonetheless, her late-1990s dystopian novel, The Parable of the Talents, anticipates troubling undercurrents in the culture of the United States. And there are some noteworthy similarities to the 2016 presidential election. 112 more words

20th Century

Another flyover first

Today is the 151st anniversary of the Wild Bill Hickok–Davis Tutt shootout in the town square of Springfield, Missouri (July 21, 1865).  It is reputedly the first and one of the few recorded instances in the Old West of a one-on-one pistol quick-draw duel in a public place. 596 more words

Are you crazy about The Simpsons?

Even if you are not a fan of The Simpsons, no doubt that you have seen not for a once those strange yellow characters on your TV-screen. 175 more words

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Kang and Kodos Affirm Democratic Values


In this really funny one-minute clip from The Simpsons, more is explained about the American political system than in a decade of Meet The Press… 58 more words


S12 E04 - Lisa the Tree Hugger

So yesterday didn’t really wow me, but hey, that’s probably going to happen. Sometimes you just have to move past that though, and get onto the next episode, which just so happens to be a pretty enjoyable little Lisa story. 1,367 more words

Lifetime Of Simpsons

Pokemon GO plays a cameo role in a new episode of The Simpsons

Pokemon GO recently made an appearance in a new episode of The Simpsons. Homer is shown playing the game on his smartphone during a visit at the zoo, while two of his kids – Bart and Lisa – are trying to get his attention. 10 more words