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The Office- the biggest sitcom since parks and Rec, and Seinfeld.....Netflix tear through 

Binge this whole fucking show. I never watched it while it was on the air. I remember all the pop culture rumblings about it……Jim and Pam……the office hi jinxes…..how they relate to modern day inter human relationships…..what a fucking genius Ricky Gervais is….you know…. 86 more words


Hi friends and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday post. Well, did you enjoy Orange Is The New Yellow? I actually have it but haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. 1,275 more words

The Simpsons

Top 5 TV Shows that Started Out Strong and Fizzled Away

In light of True Detective Season 3 being on a permanent hiatus, I thought about other TV shows that were popular for a long time, but maaaaay have just ran a couple seasons too long. 614 more words


S10 E11 - Wild Barts Can't Be Broken

It’s been a more or less fun week here on Lifetime of Simpsons, so let’s end things with a goofy episode pitting the children of Springfield against the adults, while also having one of the most fun Simpsons song parodies of all time. 1,309 more words

Lifetime Of Simpsons


It has been a busy week which included the annual meeting of our flyover institute and other stress-inducing business, so I am ready for a relaxing three-day weekend! 7 more words

The Eye of the Storm: On the Future of Books and The Simpsons

These days, everyone loves to predict the future of publishing. Ever since Gutenberg started up that first press, the print book had no real rival. The technology was too perfect. 893 more words


S10 E10 - Viva Ned Flanders

Well, yesterday was kind of a bummer of an episode, but what about today? How about a silly-ass episode where Homer and Ned go to Vegas to learn how to live life to its fullest, with disastrous consequences? 1,302 more words

Lifetime Of Simpsons