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A Fire-Forged Friendship

For the second night in a row, Shark was woken up by sounds coming from downstairs. But luckily, Polly and Cressida were sleeping that night, and Marc was out of the house looking for Harwood. 769 more words

Sims 3

Teenagers & tragedy

Family recap:
Alisa & Shawn (parents/young adult)
Holden (boy #1/child)
Trixie (girl #1/child)
Thatcher (boy#2/child)
Piper (girl #2/child)
Simone (girl #3/child)
Briar (girl #4/toddler)

And we might as well start this update out with proof that 8 sims in a household makes me lose brain cells. 1,073 more words

Back From Oblivion

Just in time for the wintry holiday season.  I realize this blog hasn’t been updated in nine months, and thanks (no thanks, more like it) to Photobucket, all of my images had been broken since this summer. 372 more words

The Sims 3

Bedroom walls are a thing

Family recap:
Alisa & Shawn (parents/young adult), Holden (boy #1/child), Trixie (girl #1/child), Thatcher (boy #2/child), Piper (girl #2/child), Simone (girl #3/toddler), Briar (girl #4/baby) 958 more words

Luther Luminous: I Got Sketched Nude

Tessa Fabulaire gave Luther Luminous the biggest favor of his life, at least thus far, when she offered to sketch him nude.

Tessa reveals, “He actually has a beautiful body and… 159 more words

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Lucy Benevolent: Sometimes I Stare at the Wall

It turns out that motherhood is taking its toll on Lucy Benevolent these days. In addition to caring for toddler, Bella, Lucy and Bruce… 220 more words

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Abby Allstar: I'll Never Forget Where I Came From

Abby Allstar took some time off from being a carefree pre-college kid to hang out with her family.

“I’m so proud of her,” father Oliver Allstar… 185 more words

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