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Sister Sarah: A Profile of a Sister

These are shots of Sister Sarah, the protagonist of my novel. Her statistics and bio follow.


Sister Sarah

Age: 26

Voicemaker: she sounds like a sixteen year old… 645 more words

The Sisters

Track of the week #47 - Weldon Irvine 'Morning Sunrise'

Not many are familiar with the works of Weldon Irvine, but ‘Master Wel’ as he was sometimes known, happened to be one the most influential people socially, musically and culturally of his time. 541 more words


My Background Notes on the Hero of the Sisters Novel: Sister Sarah






Sister Sarah

Age: 26

Voicemaker: As she speaks there is background static that sounds like its coming from a cheap old radio. 609 more words

The Sisters

Amos Bronson Alcott

Born: November 29th, 1799 In Wolcott, Connecticut

Died: March 4th, 1888 in Boston, Massachusetts

Amos Bronson Alcott was a man with a world view well ahead of his time. 212 more words

The Sisters

Abigail May Alcott Nieriker

Born: July 26th, 1840 in Concord, Massachusetts

Died: December 29th, 1879, Europe

Exactly like Amy, Abigail May Alcott, preferring to go by May, was an energetic and lively child. 82 more words

The Sisters

Elizabeth Sewall Alcott

Born: June 24th, 1835 in Boston, Massachusetts

Died: March 14th, 1858 in Concord, Massachusetts

Lizzie Alcott was shy, sweet, and the most affectionate of the Alcott girls. 117 more words

The Sisters

Anna Alcott Pratt

Born: March 16th, 1831 in Germantown, Pennsylvania

Died: July 17th, 1893 in Concord, Massachusetts

When Anna Alcott was young, she was an aspiring actress and often played the lead in the plays that she put on alongside her sisters. 83 more words

The Sisters