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Regardless if you are really happy or very angry, keep your head screwed on tight.


Over a year.

It’s been over a year since I’ve seen my two little brothers.

That breaks my heart.

The Situation

A peek into the situation

This is more for me than anything..

10 years of sexual abuse as a child by someone who was supposed to love me, led to led to a low self esteem and extreme insecurity, depression, inability to trust, as well as other issues. 179 more words

Sexual Abuse

A Massage a Day...

I love massages. Foot massages, hand massages, deep tissue massages, massage chairs, you name it. I love them. I’m one of those people who sit in Brookstone until a tiny, twelve-year-old employee has to call his manager to “deal with a situation in the chair section.” 1,312 more words

A Tempestuous Shore

“Gym, Tan, Laundry, Sonnet. GTLS Baby!”
-Willie Shakes

No sooner met but they looked
No sooner looked but they loved
No sooner loved but they sighed1… 429 more words

Creative Writing