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The Sleep Project IX: West Woods bluebells

 Three tawny owls chatter to each other with fledgling insistence, the calls bouncing from branch to branch, as if continually checking each other are ok, or saying hello, then forgetting they said hello and saying it again. 467 more words


Don't be mean to my baby.

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BMCMB has been shaming me for my extended period of laziness. Sufficiently shamed, I offer this sketch of B’s for sacrifice. Part of the Sleep Project.



The Beat Came Back

It’s been a while since B has submitted something so recently drawn. It belongs under the Sleep Project. If memory
serves, these “sleep” illustrations span 2008-present.



Monkey Friend

BMCMB, she sends me these pieces with absolutely no preamble or explanation, and I subsequently have nothing to say when I post them. Like, how do I even tag this? I hate artists.