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The Slim Shady LP

I’m not a huge fan of rap music, but I do really like Eminem and have enjoyed most of his singles, and thanks to the numerous and repetitive Ask Reddit threads about “Who is the greatest rapper of all time?” and “What’s the best rap lyric you’ve ever heard?”, I’m constantly reminded that I haven’t heard most of his music. 317 more words


On Eminem's Fifteenth Anniversary, His Act Feels More Tired Than Ever

Eminem’s first major album, The Slim Shady LP, came out in 1999, kicking off a career that would seem to have burned too brightly for any claims on longevity. 840 more words

People are Perps, and Perps are People

Eminem reaches out to those people least likely to access mental health services – the perpetrators. Most perpetrators are tormented by regret. We are haunted by the pain we have inflicted on those most precious to us. 29 more words