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Real-Life Sports Superheroes

This week, ESPN aired a special comparing today’s athletes to Marvel superheroes. As both a sports and comic fan, I decided to watch the program instead of the MLB All-Star Game, which was airing at the same time. 534 more words

Off Topic

Kenny Stabler, Super Bowl Winning QB, Has Died at 69

Tributes are pouring in for Ken Stabler, aka ‘The Snake.” A four-time pro bowler and league MVP who led his Oakland Raiders to a Super Bowl Championship. 230 more words


Legendary NFL Quarterback Ken "The Snake" Stabler Dead At 69

Longtime Oakland Raiders quarterback, Ken “The Snake” Stabler died today at the age of 69. He is most known for playing for the Oakland Raider (1970-1979), The Houston Oilers (1980-1982), and the New Orleans Saint (1982-1984). 108 more words


While We're in Shady Valley

In Shady Valley, at the intersection of 91/133 and 34, there’s a restaurant/convenience store/gas station that’s popular with the men and women who enjoy biking “The Snake”, a series of tight curves on 91 between Elizabethton and Shady Valley.  9 more words

Photography By Bob Lawrence

The Archer is near

The Archer is in the stars by the Snake to be seen by those who fold love on an island. The Archer aims for the heart, but must watch for the poisonous sting. 32 more words


Daily Draw: Knight of Wands (rev), Daeg

Today’s draw is the reversed Knight of Wands, with the rune Sowelo and The Woman, The Snake, The Car, The Fox, and Pregnancy charms showing. The card is reversed as are most of the charms, so today’s wisdom is to slow down, look before you leap, be careful what you say and what you commit yourself to (you’ll be expected to keep your word later on), and be very mindful of how you present yourself to others. 68 more words


Daily Draw: The Wheel of Fortune (The Nornir)

Today’s draw is about change that’s out of your hands. The web is being spun all around you right now, no matter what you do or don’t do. 107 more words