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Daily Devotional, 5/3/18

I had a bit of trouble getting the Ancestor candle lit for devotional.  The wick was folded over, but I did manage to get it lit.  120 more words


Daily Devotional, 4/12/18

I am very pleased with today’s devotional, even though there was a slight distraction of cats and my phone.  I named each of the Kindreds, which I’m really loving.  238 more words


Daily Devotional, 4/10/18

My devotional went very well today.  I remembered to light all my candles, and Freyja’s prayer was filled with love and intensity.  I also named the Kindreds, as many as I could think of, and added “and any I forgot” at the end so they… 98 more words


Daily Devotional, 3/26/18

Today my devotional went well, though I started thinking of the Vanir while I was still honoring the Nature Spirits!  Perhaps the Vanir are with me strongly today.  596 more words


Daily Devotional, 3/21/18

As you may have noticed, I did not get to do my Spring Equinox ritual yesterday.  I was too depressed and tired.  However, I am feeling much better today!  163 more words


Donald Trump does "The Snake"

Washington Examiner, February 26, 2018

Shortly before President Trump’s appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference last Friday, his administration announced a new set of severe sanctions on North Korea. 828 more words

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The scorpion and the snake

At the end of the most haunting speech in Citizen Kane, Mr. Bernstein says wistfully: “I’ll bet a month hasn’t gone by since that I haven’t thought of that girl.” And I don’t think a week goes by that I don’t think about Orson Welles, who increasingly seems to have led one of the richest and most revealing of all American lives. 1,566 more words