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Ignoring Him - again?

Being a Christian is a statement of my intent – not His.

I saw another one this morning.  Prosperity Preaching as invisible as only “narrative furniture” can be.  679 more words

Trump is the Snake


Most of you Trump supporters knew exactly what Trump is when you decided to take him in, so don’t cry to me when you get bitten.

Donald Trump

Next Poetry Circle, Feb. 7, 2017—Poetry and Snakes

Welcome to the One Page Poetry Circle at St. Agnes Branch Library!

Date: Tuesday, February 7
Time: 5:30 – 6:30 pm
Place: St. Agnes Branch Library, 444 Amsterdam Ave. 626 more words

Al Wilson

The Snake - Help the snake to eat the food around the lawn!

Help the snake to eat the food around the lawn!

Snake is a classic game 80’s years. The objective of the game is to help the snake to eat the food around the lawn. 123 more words


The Snake!

In an incredibly well crafted and perfectly delivered speech in Florida today, to a packed house, Trump recited the song lyrics to an Al Wilson tune called The Snake. 96 more words

About Motorcycle Monk

What should I write about myself? What sort of information would readers of a blog titled Motorcycle Monk want to know about me? Well, for starters, I self-identify as Buddhist. 497 more words

Daily Draw: Nine of Wind and Seven of Seas

All the signs today point to things being frantic and a mess in the work world. Travel may come up at the last minute, and trying to process everything that’s going through your mind may make it difficult to make clear, thoughtful choices and decisions. 98 more words