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Climate Change & Evolution

(Winter 2015)

Climate change is obviously producing very negative effects in many areas of the world. Many parts of the US too, but fortunately not where we live in the Northwest – yet. 324 more words


Walls, Wars, and Old White Men

It seems to me that most of the world’s problems are created by old men – old fart politicos who are frequently, though not always, of the white persuasion. 581 more words

Cells Run Amok

Occasionally I occupy myself by viewing this earth-world of ours as if it were one cell in a vast humming universe of cells. All are more or less different and serve various functions but all are subtly, yet strongly connected. 630 more words

On Writing Like D.B.

I’ve always wanted to write like Dave Barry. But to do that honestly I’d have to be Dave Barry, and unless he’s secretly a sixty-ish, slightly crotchety, yet still-young-at-heart woman, that ain’t gonna happen. 570 more words