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In Honor Of 'Suicide Squad': A Brief History Of Slowed-Down Dramatic Cover Songs In Trailers

When the trailer for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad hit yesterday, I was amazed by the level of unintentional self-parody. DC/Warner Bros has less experience marketing comic-book blockbusters than Marvel/Disney, sure, but this looked like a tutorial assignment from… 596 more words

Film Drunk

Greatest End Credit Songs

Artwork by Chloe Leeson

One of my favorite and most memorable parts of a movie can actually occur right at the very end—during the credits. I love when a film ends with a great song. 2,047 more words

Anything And Everything

The Aaron Sorkin trick

When we talk about great dialogue in movies and television, one of the first names that always comes up is that of Aaron Sorkin. And it isn’t without reason. 925 more words


Wie wärs mit einem SILK ROAD Film von David Fincher?

Wie wärs mit einem SILK ROAD Film von David Fincher?

Hey Leute, ich bin im Lauf der Woche über diesen genialen Artikel gestolpert! Wired.com – The Rise and Fall of Silk Road. 21 more words


Moving Forward

From looking at the previous research that I had done I had collected the pieces of information that I wanted to use.

But now it was time for me to… 195 more words


This Is The Zodiac Speaking! Review: ZODIAC (2007) Deutsch

This Is The Zodiac Speaking! Review: ZODIAC (2007) Deutsch
Moin Leute, gestern konnte ich endlich mal ZODIAC aus dem Jahr 2007 schauen, nachdem ich bereits vor zwei Wochen aus Versehen den falschen Film gekauft habe und mir einen Trash Film mit dem gleichen Titel gegriffen habe. Zuerst habe ich…


David Fincher's Gone Girl - A Parody Review

David Fincher’s Gone Girl is about Amy Dunne, a regular psychotic hot woman with an unhealthy obsession of racing cars at night. She is married to Nick, a closet homosexual who can’t seem to hide his tendencies, and sees Amy as a threat to his identity. 221 more words