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Director – David Fincher

Flick in a Limerick

Mark Zuckerburg creates a website called Facebook

Which was an idea he supposedly took

As a final resort… 505 more words


Molly's Game

The saying goes, if they wrote a book about your life, would anyone read it? Part of what makes the human experience beautiful is its variation. 631 more words

Jessica Chastain

10 Motivational Movies to Help You Get Your Shit Together in 2018

Artwork by Chloe Leeson

As we embark on a new year, and kick 2017 to the curb, I’ve compiled a list of movies to gear us up for 2018. 838 more words

Anything And Everything

Molly's Game – DoubleTake by REGGIE WOLTZ



Aaron Sorkin Goes All-In


Aaron Sorkin is a master of screenwriting. Even if you don’t know his name, you probably know his work. 862 more words

"Molly's Game" a cracklingly good movie with Jessica Chastain in control. A crazy finish in college hoops' USC-Stanford game. And another judicial blow to ridiculous gerrymandering.

I know very little about poker, other than I used to play it badly in high school and college among my friends. I never understood the poker craze from about 15 years ago, when suddenly it was on TV all the time, nor could I understand in a million years the appeal of people sitting at home watching  800 more words

Film Review: Molly's Game Is Sorkin Unrestrained. That's a Bad Thing.

Aaron Sorkin didn’t set out to direct Molly’s Game. He’d been recruited by the real-life Molly Bloom, a failed Olympic skier turned high stakes gambling boss, to adapt her memoir for the screen. 1,176 more words

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Molly's Game (Aaron Sorkin, 2017)

Make no mistake about it: Molly’s Game ascribes to a highly recognisable formula. It operates as a spiritual sequel to Miss Sloane, with the real-life footage application of The Big Short, dialogue technique mirroring that of The Social Network, with Spotlight-esque verbal displays of high-octane moral grandstanding. 388 more words