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Life cycle of Stars

Keywords: Stellar nurseries, nebulae, gravity, heat, color, brightness, H-R diagram, low-mass star, red giant, white dwarf, massive star, supernova, neutron star, black hole, elements´origin.

The Universe

Spot the Station

Would you like to see the International Space Station flying over your head? Check this link! NASA

How do I Spot The Station?

What does all this sighting information mean? 388 more words

The Solar System

What is the Kardashev Scale?

The Kardashev Scale was designed in 1964 by the astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev to measure a civilisations technological advancement based upon how much energy they have harnessed. 739 more words

Uranus: The Coldest Planet

The coldest planet is also commonly known as one of the ice giants in the solar system, the other being Neptune, which is neighboring just beside it. 169 more words


Neptune: The 8th Planet

Neptune, also known as the 8th planet, is the farthest (2.8 billion miles!) from the sun.

It was named after the Roman god of the sea (the Greek equivalent being  142 more words


What is the Jewel Planet?

While I call it the jewel planet, most people refer it as Saturn.

Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun, and while it’s far away from the Earth, it can be seen through the naked eye, using binoculars or a small telescope. 146 more words


FMM 9 1 17 The Less I Know

“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”~ e. e. cummings.

 Do you remember the first time you had to question a long-held belief?  935 more words