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If you dug a deep tunnel or were somehow stuck in an impervious container in the exact center of the Earth would gravity pull you one way, but then pull you back the other way?

Well, you already know it’s pretty hot down there so you couldn’t do it, but if you could because your container was impervious, and you were suspended right in the middle, you’d be weightless. 84 more words


Meet Bennu, the small asteroid that could kill you.

In 2035, to be precise. It’s a Thursday. It looks something like this and is about the size of the Empire State Building.

If it does hit us it’s going to destroy a lot of things on the planet, but not kill us completely. 73 more words


How many nukes are needed to destroy Earth?

We can’t destroy the planet per se, but we can do a pretty good job of wiping life off it with a full scale nuclear war. 92 more words


Why haven't we seen the other side of the moon?

Answer by Award-Winning Scifi Author C Stuart Hardwick

“We” have. You presumably missed the memo. 

The far side of the moon was first photographed by Luna 3 in 1959. 177 more words


Will the moon be closer to Earth one day and will it make ocean tides more severe?

No. The moon is drifting away about 4 centimeters a year. Over time it will drift out to space and Earth will have no moon. 68 more words


What are the similarities of the moon and the earth?

Mysteriously, they are made largely of the same materials which casts doubts on the Giant-impact hypothesis (which predicts the moon should be made of 70% material from Theia, the so-called planet that collided with Earth). 30 more words


What planets are bigger than Earth?

The four gas giants are larger than Earth: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Venus is slightly smaller, but very nearly the same size as Earth. Mercury and Mars are smaller than Earth. 18 more words