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Smalltown wanderin' and musin'--

We are honored to be here now: in this universe, in this galaxy, in this solar system, on this planet, on this continent, in this country, in this state, in this town, and on this street just wanderin’ and musin’ about our mysterious existence.   152 more words



The sky is a gateway to an endless universe of planets, moons, stars, satelites and debris which we call comet, meteorite or asteroid, depending how it looks and how big it is. 247 more words


The Race to Today

Due to the relative brevity of our existence, human beings often find it difficult to comprehend spans of time as implausibly long as those which apply to the formation of the universe, our planet, and indeed, our species. 2,708 more words


Super Planet Crash

Try to make your own solar system with Earth-sized planets, ice giants, gas giants, and more! Make sure there aren’t any gravitational resonances which throw your planets out of orbit!