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Solar System infographics

The scale of our Solar System is difficult to describe in a way that make sense. This infographic from Space.com does a good job. Credit: Karl Tate / Space.com… 25 more words


Letting Go

We’ve recognized that traditional curriculum isn’t a good style for us and more interest based learning is a much better fit. I’ve spent countless hours online researching and have checked out books from the library on letting kids take the reins, but putting it into practice has been extremely difficult. 220 more words


The Solar System Song


I am the Sun. I’m a burning ball of fire. I’m very big indeed. Life on earth depends on me. I am the Sun. 215 more words

The Solar System

Solar System Reading Comprehension and Main Idea Practice

The following website is an excellent resource for teachers. Teachers Pay Teachers provides teachers with different lesson plans and activities across multiple grade levels and subjects that other teachers have created. 81 more words

Solar System

Talkin' Nerdy: Milky Way VS The Planet Heroes

Our solar system. Eight planets and one dwarf planet formerly known as a planet moving and grooving around the Sun. It’s where most of live and keep all of our stuff. 963 more words

Talkin' Nerdy

Our Solar System : Milky Way

1. The Milky Way is the galaxy which contains our – Solar System

2. The name milky is derived from the Greek word – Galaxia… 188 more words


The Tetragrammaton Has Been Reversed

God’s Divine Name

If one examines the Tetragrammation and the position of its four characters, you will note that the Divine name is written from right to left. 480 more words

Jehovah's Witnesses