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Talkin' Nerdy: Milky Way VS The Planet Heroes

Our solar system. Eight planets and one dwarf planet formerly known as a planet moving and grooving around the Sun. It’s where most of live and keep all of our stuff. 947 more words

Talkin' Nerdy

Our Solar System : Milky Way

1. The Milky Way is the galaxy which contains our – Solar System

2. The name milky is derived from the Greek word – Galaxia… 188 more words

Our Solar System

The Tetragrammaton Has Been Reversed

The Divine Name Of Almighty God

God’s Divine Name

If one examines the Tetragrammation and the position of its four characters, you will note that the Divine name is written from right to left. 535 more words

Jehovah's Witnesses

O Grande Amor

“The plane of the solar system is tilted at an almost exactly 60 degrees to the plane of the galaxy so the planets slowly corkscrew their way around the arm of the milky way.” Pg. 130 more words

"In The Beginning There Was A Void Except For The Written Word." The Avengers (Band)

Alpha Blondy e The Solar System

Diário Gaúcho

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Alpha Blondy

Correio do Povo

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Sleeping Away the Future

Essay by Mark Flavin

“I blame you for the moonlit sky
and the dream that died with the eagles’ flight.
I blame you for the moonlit nights when… 2,466 more words