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Entry 0033: Seeing the Sonics

Picture coming; stupid internet

I have a habit of seeing bands when they are not in their prime. I am also happy to put that bit of musical snobbery to shame because it isn’t true. 788 more words


The Sonics: Introducing the Sonics

Not as good as the earlier stuff. More bluesy. Just feels week. I don’t hear it as cleaner though

The Sonics: Boom

I bought this one first. Loved it. It’s still really good, but maybe not as good as the first one. Songs show more variety. Sounds more punk I guess. 9 more words

The Sonics: Here are the Sonics

I think I like this one more than Boom. It just rocks harder. Not really any bad songs on here. Just found out “Keep a Knockin” is a bonus track. 49 more words

The Sonics - This Is the Sonics

A couple of weeks ago in the city of Seattle, WA I bore witness to an aural assault not witnessed since the last time I saw Mudhoney live and in the flesh. 756 more words

Adventures In Record Reviews

The SONICS - " Bad Betty "

Former Nirvana bassist and famed regular guy, Krist Novoselic seems intent on collaborating with as many of his fellow Pacific Northwest musicians as possible. After  153 more words