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The Sonics: This is the Sonics

It’s pretty fun. More tun than it has much right to be. Doesn’t touch the early albums of course, but it has its own appeal.

The Sonics: Boom

Platform: Spotify
Album length: 31 minutes
Year: 1966

Just a couple years after this album was released, the Sonics broke up and Gerry Roslie went into, of all things, … 178 more words


The Sonics: Here Are The Sonics

Platform: Spotify
Album length: 29 minutes
Year: 1965

Sometimes you loathe your first attempt at something. Just like I’ll surely read this post in a few months (or a few hours) and cringe, The Sonics… 149 more words


1966 - The Year Of Garage Rock

In a year studded with all-out rock masterpieces The Stones “Aftermath”, Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys “Pet Sounds”, The Beatles with “Revolver”,  and… 1,312 more words


A Classic Rock Playlist of Rare Bands You Have To Listen To Now

Classic Rock is music for the ages, it’s timeless and deserves to be listened to often. Personally I like all kinds of music but classic rock has a special place in my heart because it’s the music I listened to when I was a teenager. 136 more words