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Knight Notes: Conclusion (and Bibliography)

This is the last post of this very long blog series. If you made it all the way through, thanks for your time. I hope it was well spent. 1,805 more words

Gene Wolfe

Knight Notes: The Wizard, Chapters 35-37

This post covers Able’s temporary reprieve from the dungeon through his subsequent release and meeting with Lothur.

Chapters 35-37: Down, The Fight Before the Gate, Five Fates and Three Wishes… 1,251 more words

Gene Wolfe

Knight Notes: The Hybrid and the Horror of Dehumanization

A recurring element in GW’s fiction is the hybrid or shapeshifting creature. This element is part of one of the themes of the WK and other books by GW. 1,171 more words

Gene Wolfe

Knight Notes: Color Systems and Symbolism

GW makes use of color symbolism in the WK and many of his other works. I have not developed a comprehensive theory for his method, but let me share some thoughts. 991 more words

Gene Wolfe

"The Sorcerer's House" - G. Wolfe

This is a review of “The Sorcerer’s House” by Gene Wolfe.

Fresh out of prison and with several PhD.’s under his belt, Baxter Dunn isn’t certain what to do at all when he suddenly inherits a magical house. 386 more words

Book Review

The Sorcerer's House, by Gene Wolfe

I should probably re-read this book.  In fact, from what I understand I should probably read and then re-read a good deal of Gene Wolfe… 890 more words