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The soundtrack of our lives: Song choices

1.) Disclosure-Latch Ft. Sam Smith

This song literally gives me goose bumps because not only it has got kind of an eerie feel to it but it was a very personal song that meant a lot to me and someone that used to be apart of my life and that person is no longer with me any more. 805 more words


Utterly Moving: Brief

Honestly I wasn’t thrilled when this brief was first set. After being able to illustrate to my heart’s content in the last project and then not being able to do that for this project it felt like a bit of a downer. 121 more words

First Year

The Soundtrack of Our Lives: Final Outcomes

This project took a lot longer than I would have hoped it to take! Between being bed ridden and ending up in hospital I didn’t get much time to work on the posters for the crit. 171 more words

First Year

The soundtrack of our lives: Testing out and process.

Slipping in to our final week of preparation for the poster project, I did mention in my previous post that I was going to update sooner, but hey, it’s been a pretty hectic week. 744 more words


What is a poster?

In the previous week, we had two talks that were mainly focusing on the question, ‘What is a poster?’.¬† The first talk was with Matthew Caley, which I found to be both benificial and interesting towards our current project: The Soundtrack of our lives. 430 more words


The Soundtrack of Our Lives: Poster Development

Once I’d chosen my songs I quickly reached the frustrating stage of oh shit I don’t actually know what I’m doing¬†but I managed to create some moodboards for each of the songs and future posters. 94 more words

First Year