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5 reasons to visit Sullivan's Island, South Carolina

In 2016, Travel + Leisure magazine named Charleston, South Carolina the best city in the world. But drive about 10 miles to the east and you’ll find a small beach community called Sullivan’s Island. 1,038 more words

Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind

Let me tell you about the best place on earth.

Now before you stop reading because you disagree let me tell you that while I am not a world traveler, I have traveled outside of my own wonderful state. 1,477 more words

Mind Your Manners

The South likes to think of itself as a polite society where learning proper manners begins at birth. Instead of saying, “no,” we say, “no, sir,” to our elders. 737 more words


Family Vacations: The Summers of My Discontent

Nothing sends me into a tailspin faster than a technological mishap: this would include power outages and car problems, to say nothing of broken laptops. I’ve been in a tailspin since the first week in August, the week my shiny new laptop failed catastrophically on a Saturday morning, an incident that prompted a series of irritating phone calls and remote sessions with tech support, and no fewer than five trips in the car over an hour one way to try to deal, because we are underserved in Vermont. 1,496 more words

Handsome Chef Boyfriend

Recent events

I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by recent events, and that’s why I haven’t been posting; I always ask myself: Where to start?

Firstly, I know that some of y’all are feeling discouraged by the events in Charlottesville and the aftermath. 482 more words

Crime And Violence

Place These Monuments in Historical Context or Tear Them Down

At left, a Monumental Bronze Co. sculpture of a Union soldier, erected in Westfield, N.J., in 1889. On the right, a sculpture of a Confederate soldier, by the same company, erected in Windsor, N.C., in 1898. 529 more words

Current Events

What Smokey & the Bandit Can Still Teach Us about the "New South"

In the summer of 1977 a movie hit the multiplexes, twin cinemas, and dwindling drive-ins of America like a storm, making over a hundred million dollars (in 1977 dollars at that!) and leaving a lasting mark on the pop cultural landscape. 2,283 more words