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The Statue of Robert E. Lee, revered in history, now history?

The Statue of Robert E. Lee,

A symbol of South history:

FDR praised his name.

All the Democrats fame;

They try to erase memory.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is considered an enduring hero of the left, particularly for the New Deal. 165 more words


Ed Gillespie, R for Governor of Virginia, on Confederate monuments

A real Virginia leader could just say, “Leave the monuments and names alone. Have a nice day.”

Many Republicans will drool over the Ed Gillipsie’s non-defense of Confederate monuments and names, etc. 504 more words

Current Events

Whose Heritage? Public Symbols of the Confederacy

“In , the South’s 150-year reverence for the Confederacy was shaken. Public officials responded to the national mourning and outcry by removing prominent public displays of its most recognizable symbol . 119 more words



They settled a shack down the dirt road.

She came on Tuesday to help with the laundry.

Her sparkling eyes glowed when she

laughed from her belly. 129 more words


Mixed emotions 

Southern civil war symbols have then all over the news of late for many reasons. To some they are a sign of hate and a war that almost tore our great great apart. 166 more words

The Best Place To Live In Westeros

When one considers The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros it is necessary to take into account all of the following: the Lords that rule the lands, the violence that these lands have seen and the ways those Lords handled conflict, the weather of particular regions, the resources found in these regions, and perhaps most importantly, the snapshots readers of  558 more words