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Southern Hospitality My Aunt Susie's Biscuits!

In case you haven’t figured it out yet I’m from the south….the deep south. I was born in Mobile, Alabama which is about as southern as you are going to get. 1,170 more words

To Bully or not to Bully

In these days of brother fighting brother over interpretation of the meaning of words spoken by political leaders of either party, we find ourselves destroying each other as we did over a hundred years ago during a like national argument later to be known as “The War Between the States”.  583 more words

Survivor Guilt

Review of Appalachian Elegy: Poetry and Place by bell hooks

I was introduced to bell hooks‘ work more than a decade ago. I immediately found myself falling into conversation with her. Her writing is frank and accessible, yet intellectually rigorous—those kinds of writers are few and far between in literary theory classes. 914 more words

The County


I think I was seventeen when I figured out that if I started Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again when the tires hit the blacktop on our street that the song would finish exactly when I turned left on Thompson Road to pull into the parking lot of our school. 1,231 more words

Leaders and speeches: HHH, LBJ and the COWH

I HAD GREAT plans for this afternoon to do productive things. Instead, I’ve spent most of the afternoon listening to/watching old political speeches on YouTube. 890 more words

Book Review: Among The Living

After surviving the Holocaust, Yitzhak Goldah moves to Savannah to build a new life.  He moves in with the Jeslers, his only surviving relatives, and soon learns life in the American South is very different from any other place and he must tread carefully as there are many lines of distinction: white vs. 151 more words

Food For Thought