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Edom takes over Judah and Israel (Ezek 35:10-35:10)

“You said.

‘These two nations,

These two countries,

Shall be mine.

We will take possession

Of them.’

They had forgotten

That Yahweh was there.”

Mount Seir or Edom said that the two captured countries of Israel in the north and Judah in the south would now be part of Edom. 27 more words

Whisked Away! (Despite Usual Protests)

Well, my apologies. The firm plan was to write a short piece on Sunday evening for the usual Monday posting. But each hour and minute faded away and before long it was bedtime and then the alarm went off. 2,082 more words

Chapter 94: Better Dead Than Red

I grew up during the Cold War, so I can remember when the worst thing one could be called was a “communist.”  And the term was used freely to discredit those one did not agree with… 818 more words

Just in the Nick of Time: A History of Interesting Idioms and Colloquial Phrases – Part 5

We have reached the halfway point in our ten part series where we investigate the history behind some of the most interesting idioms and those clever colloquial phrases that we all use but never take the time to find out what they really mean. 1,008 more words


New Orleans: A Travel Guide at Entropy

I wrote something about in-between places, when I was somewhere in-between:

The crashed minivan’s headlights will be on, pointing out, softly illuminating dust particles. Walking closer to the vehicle, you will realize it’s freshly abandoned.

121 more words

Where I’m From and the End of these Days of Smooth Skin

When the time is right—which means after
the leaves have begun to sprout into dark
budding leaves and the ocean currents
flow more warmly northward… 311 more words

3. Literature

Daylily Festival

This past Saturday the local Daylily Society had their Daylily Festival, which happens to be part of Festival South. I’d never been to a Daylily show, so I figured why not. 424 more words