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Day Twenty-Two, Play Twenty-Two

“Fan fiction is all the rage now…

So write something about your favourite characters doing something else.”

I’m a big fan of many things, Disney, Shakespeare, Musical Theatre….

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Day Twenty, Play Twenty

Write a play under the title “Boundary Issues”.

Free reign!

I was inspired by a student piece I saw years ago at a university showcase. I loved it’s premise, and decided to mix that with one of the most beautiful concepts I’ve ever read in a play, from Brian Friel’s Translations.

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Day Nineteen, Play Nineteen.

Right… so today’s challenge is about crossing over between art forms.

[…] But what about all those that were very unique to that art form. Can we borrow from their manifesto and apply it to playwriting?

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Day Eighteen, Play Eighteen.

Let’s be super duper strict. Below are the rules for your play:

1. The play has 3 talking characters and two that don’t talk. You have an option of adding one more character – but only if he delivers pizza!

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Day Seventeen, Play Seventeen

You could say, that starting a play at 11.20pm was a bad idea.

You could say, that being out in London all day and out for dinner with your mum tomorrow, celebrating an anniversary with your boyfriend, and then being away all weekend was not going to be conducive to the creativity of the next few plays. 147 more words

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Day Sixteen, Play Sixteen

” … write an autobigraphical play… except that it’s not your autobiography. And in fact, it’s not even true!
Make up a second identity and make it exist.”

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Day Fifteen, Play Fifteen.

Psychodrama is used to help give us an insight into things we’ve been through. Maybe to try and figure out the other side or to get a deeper understanding of why we did what we did or just to relive moments and have a ‘re-take’ – so do that.

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