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Day Twenty-Eight, Play Twenty-Eight!!

“We started with 1928 – so lets end in 8291.”

I have a very spongy brain when it comes to anything musical. On more than one occasion, I’ve had something someone said stuck on repeat in my head just because I heard a rhythm in it.

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Day Twenty-Seven, Play Twenty-Seven.

“So this is your opportunity to re-do a challenge. Pick any of the previous 26 challenges we’ve done and write a NEW play following that brief.

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Day Twenty-Six, Play Twenty-Six.

“Step 1: Pick your favourite play from this year’s challenge (out of the 25 plays you wrote – which is the best one, do you reckon?).

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Interview: Heather Fairbairn, The Mutant Man

How much have we really progressed over the last century in our understanding and treatment of gender? This is the question posed by Christopher Bryant’s The Mutant Man, which has its world premiere at The Space on 28th March. 889 more words

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Tonight! 'Art of Winter' - March First Friday

‘Art of Winter’ March First Friday

Extended Exhibition! Due to the popularity of the show, ‘Art of Winter’ has been extended through Saturday, April 1st, here’s your chance to check out an extraordinary display of talent from 26 Vermont Artists! 63 more words

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Day Twenty-Five, Play Twenty-Five

“Every writer has started working on something and then gave up halfway through. We all have somewhere an uncompleted idea or play.¬†Your challenge for today, should you choose to accept it, is to find one of those ideas and complete them!”

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Day Twenty-Four, Play Twenty-Four

“Let’s write a play in a different language.
Some of you may know another language, and some might have to make it up!
Either way, make it work, but most importantly, make it interesting for an English speaking audience (Regardless of what language it’s written in).

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