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Daphna Baram - Something to Declare

Here’s the way I’d deal with immigration at The Fringe – I’d definitely limit the influx of white blokes in their 30s going on about not getting a girlfriend/domestic life does the funniest things. 276 more words

Review: The Spare Room, Helen Garner

A friend gave this to me and I started it just because it was there, then stayed up late to keep going, and got up early to finish it. 598 more words

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“The most compelling thing I’ve read online recently is Helen Garner’s piece in The Monthly, ‘The insults of age’. Garner’s writing is always emotionally intelligent and always delivered with a clear-eyed grace, but this piece – her perspective on what it means to be a 71-year-old woman – is a particular gem. 221 more words


New Job!!!

Life can change in a snap… one minute your sad about, well, just about everything and then you snap your fingers and boom you’ve just finished your third week of work! 182 more words

The Spare Room

Dear Body...

I recently found out that a friend from my course has a blog, and went to check it out. Her most recent post was a letter to her post-pregnancy body… 441 more words


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A View of Cancer Care - Book Review - The Spare Room by Helen Garner

The Spare Room is a novel about caring for a friend with cancer by Australian writer Helen Garner. She is an Australian novelist, short-story writer, screenwriter and journalist who was born in Geelong, Australia on 7, November 1942. 622 more words