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The Specials.

Play: The Specials – Gangsters

After the punk explosion came another influential movement called 2 Tone, heading up the talent that came out of that era was The Specials. 68 more words


What is ska?

This awful image above is of a “rude boy,” or a man who frequently listens to the sub-genre of punk called “ska.” I say a prayer of thanks every day that I was not a male born in the 1990’s, or else I may have looked like this man. 613 more words


Jukebox Classics: #6 The Specials

The Specials; heirs to the musical lineage of The Small Faces, The Sex Pistols and The Jam. Commercially successful bands but with more of an impact on a generation than record sales alone bring. 347 more words

Jukebox Classics

Book Review: Riff-Raff, Rebels and Rock Gods by Garry Bushell

I knew of Garry Bushell before as a slightly laddish TV critic, but with this book covering his time as a rock journalist during the late 70s and early 80s I decided to check it out as it featured some bands I like. 420 more words


Protest Songs Day Seven: Bruce Springsteen, Manic Street Preachers, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Elvis Costello & The Specials

A protest song about poor quality satellite television? Well I do work around the TV industry, what did you expect? True, the song started life as the simple story of a man defending shooting out his TV set on the basis of ’57 channels and nothin’ on’. 960 more words

Protest Songs

California Excursion Part III: Revisiting Los Angeles


As I plan to return to Los Angeles at least once a year for the foreseeable future, I’ve started to build a mental list of landmarks to see that I never had the chance while I was living out there. 2,158 more words

Urban Geography

Double Feature #2 - Miyazaki and Mazin

So, if you’re coming by expecting to see what famous filmmakers I’d be exploring today, you’re probably thinking “Hey, Miyazaki! I love that guy”. You’re also probably thinking: “Mazin? 3,104 more words

Double Feature