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It looks like the Sphinx...

Whilst facetiming with my old man I noticed a face merging amongst his washing in the background that reminded me of the Sphinx – I know it’s nothing, but freaky nonetheless… I’ve always believed in spirits and hidden sources of energy living a ‘life’ in their own realm, but I’ve never experienced anything personally. 124 more words


           This is the ORIGINAL Great Sphinx of Giza, as the first French scientific mission found it in the nineteenth century. As you can see he has no body of a lion. 31 more words


It’s that time of year, when we start dreaming about warmer climes. How amazing would it be to visit the Sphinx?!

Submit your far-off travel photos! 28 more words


Daily Charmcast: 4 of Earth, The Sphinx

Where is your center? Find what is uniquely yours and defend it. You have the right, and even the responsibility to defend your core. If you don’t know what that is yet, now’s a good time to start looking inward.


An Eve in Egypt

Cairo was remarkable.  The moment he had landed there, he felt he was home—a connection he felt had always existed. Finally, he was here in Egypt, and he wanted to explore it as much as he possibly could. 878 more words


Pyramid Tours

Let’s take a journey into the enchanting history of the Ancient Egyptians and visit the most important attraction in Egypt during Pyramid Tours. The legendary Pyramids are the iconic attraction of Cairo and the mysteries about how they were built make them more interesting to discover. 201 more words

Egypt Day Tours

The Sphinx - Time's Guardian

Time’s stalwart guardian, the Sphinx, has seemingly forever sat upon the Giza Plateau. In fact, according to most estimates, this enigmatic creation is believed to have been built when Khafra’s pyramid was constructed between 2558 to 2532 BC. 363 more words