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The Rising Cost of Gig Tickets - The 90s to Now

Going to gigs has to be the highlight of any music lovers life, especially if they are a super fan of a particular artist or band.  430 more words


The Scoreboard: The Super Bowl Selfie Kid Runs The World, Which Quincy Jones Hates

The Scoreboard is Uproxx Music’s bi-monthly look at who is putting points on the board and who is taking major L’s in the music world over the past couple weeks. 1,573 more words

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Why The Spice Girls Reunion Is What The #MeToo Movement Needs Right Now

I was eight-years-old when I bought my first Spice Girls CD. I’d drown out my father’s gospel music on car rides with their Motown-inspired medleys like “Stop” and Latin-infused dance numbers like “Spice Up Your Life,” on my Sony Walkman. 1,375 more words

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"The Spice Girls" Reunion Tour Is On!

The Spice Girls (Melanie Brown/”Scary Spice”, Melanie Chisolm/”Sporty Spice”, Emma Bunton/”Baby Spice”, Geri Hallwell/”Ginger Spice”, Victoria Beckham/”Posh Spice”), who had 4 Top 10 U.S. hits in the 90’s, are all getting back together for a tour according to… 91 more words


The Spice Girls Are 'Reuniting' To Do Basically Nothing

Spice Girls reunions are a pretty huge deal: Tickets for their 2007 comeback show sold out in just 38 seconds, and when they got back together to perform at the 2012 Olympics in London, they generated… 290 more words

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An Original Poem: The Spice Girls

The spice girls once said that “friendship never ends”

This isn’t true

When I’m there, in the moment with the music pounding

When my neck is slick with sweat and my feet are moving and I hear this… 281 more words


The Cyclical Nature of Style

I’ve been wondering about style lately and why certain trends come back into fashion.

The conclusion I’ve come to for me, personally, is that as adult, I’m emulating the style icons I had as a pre-teen and teenager because I now have a) the personal funds to do so and b) far fewer f*cks to give than when I was much younger and looking wistfully to my style icons, whispering “I wish I could wear something like… 270 more words