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Apologies if I Offend, but I'm Offended

As with all religions, I believe there’s a lot about Catholicism that’s good, quite a bit that’s questionable, and a few aspects that make me shudder. 399 more words

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The Day it's OK to Be Sad

I thought I’d re-post this four-year old September 11th blog, since it still seems relevant. Little did I know four years ago when I wrote about the divisions and anger in our nation and at the 2012 political conventions how much worst it could get! 499 more words

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WATCH: TV adventure host says his greatest feat has been his journey of faith

World-renowned TV adventurer Bear Grylls shares the untold story of his greatest adventure in this video produced by Alpha, a course designed for people who want to explore the Christian faith.  85 more words


Raising a Banner of Love. Right Now.

As the vitriol and hate in America continue to escalate, I’ve joined with a growing group of people who are committed to responding with love, rather than escalating the negativity. 1,032 more words

The Spiritual Life

A 9-step daily prayer that reveals hidden inner truths

Saint Ignatius of Loyola created the Examen to be a very short (“quarter of an hour”) prayer that can be prayed at any time that is most convenient. 1,155 more words


Admiring Humility

“Whom do you admire?” It saddens me that an answer doesn’t come easily to me. When I was young, I admired all manner of people – rock stars, teachers, politicians, TV actors, scientists, activists, writers, you name it. 341 more words

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The beauty of Orthodox Spirituality – Theosis


I do believe that the concept of theosis, or whatever word we want to use to describe what it stands for, is part of the foundation of all Orthodox spirituality and it belongs to all those, whatever the Orthodox community to which they belong, as part of a common inheritance. 1,125 more words

The Spiritual Life