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The Naked Pastor

The pain was sharp and paralyzing, and I doubled over and clutched my chest. “How old do you have to be to have a heart attack?” I gasped to my older sister. 374 more words

The Spiritual Life

Narcissism and the Internet, a self-examination for Christian bloggers

In Greek mythology, Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection and was unable to leave the pool of water in which he saw it. This is the source of our term “narcissism” which refers to a fixation with oneself. 197 more words

Greek Mythology

Spirit on the Wing: Scaring the Hell Out of Christians

Imagine being in a place of profound belonging, of shared vision, of arms-open love, no matter who you are. It’s a serene place on the banks of a wide river, and the music of the river mixes with the sounds of laughter and song all day and into the night. 688 more words

The Spiritual Life

Justice Scalia, Meet Spirituality

Everybody’s all atwitter, alarmed or amused by Justice Antonin Scalia’s silly suggestion to “ask the nearest hippie” about freedom and intimacy. But I’m more dismayed by his admission that he doesn’t have a clue what spirituality means. 1,137 more words

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Images of Life: Journal and Camera

Sometimes you lucky readers are treated to a glimpse of my inner workings when my nearest and dearest confidante — my journal — opens its pages to you. 1,015 more words

The Spiritual Life

A Quiet Response to Global Militarization

You won’t see a press release on this. Sheila won’t be on the evening news or even tucked between commercials on late night cable. What’s the big deal? 718 more words

Occasional Essays


 Happy Pentecost!  Today’s blog has taken a different direction than we intended – we have no internet (but we do have an abundance of water filling up the aquifer, so thank you Holy Spirit for the much needed rain), and so are doing everything through the phone. 78 more words

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