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What kids don't need

Kids do not need religious instruction. This will come as a relief to parents who were not given any instruction themselves.

Kids do not need to say their prayers, made to memorize things or be told how to live a good life. 177 more words

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Reading, Writing, and Stargazing

Kim Davis and car cameras, Serena Williams and Syrian refugees, Donald’s hair and Clinton’s emails . . . and September 11th, of course. Opinions and predictions, rages and laments. 465 more words

The Spiritual Life

Let's Pray for All Vocations (Even Yours and Mine)

In the prayer of the faithful said at Mass in my parish day after day we regularly ask God for “an increase of vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life.” Sometimes “lay ministry” gets added to the list. 559 more words


Ask Fr. Mike: What Can I Do About My Anxiety?

Fr. Mike: We live in a dangerous world with real problems and real suffering. There are bills that need to be paid, mouths that need to be fed and pain that cannot simply be wished away. 829 more words


Doubts, Difficulties and Disobedience

One of the most frequent conversations I have as a parish priest is with a parishioner who worries that they have started to doubt their faith. 959 more words