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Trust Your Heart (Is It Biblical?)

You’ve probably read it, heard it taught and if you’re like me, you’ve probably given it as advice to others: Trust your heart.

The thought that I can trust my heart is a comforting one but is it true? 410 more words

The Spiritual Life

March 25, 2017


The dictionary defines energy as “available power.”
To have the energy life demands, one must have reliable sources of power. So we exercise and eat and prepare for the day in ways that seek to get us energized. 957 more words


March 21, 2017


Big Brother or Guardian?
Nobody wants a “Big Brother” watching everything they do as depicted in George Orwell’s 1948 novel, “1984.” At the same time everyone wants a guardian, “Someone to Watch over Me,” as Ira Gershwin added lyrics to his brother George’s haunting tune. 1,018 more words


Procrastinating Preacher


You can be pretty sure that if I’m scrubbing the toilet, I’m preaching the next day. This is not some spiritual practice I’ve developed to metaphorically cleanse my spirit before I stand before our congregation or to keep myself humble before speaking from the stage. 226 more words

The Spiritual Life

Cotton Candy, Dangerous Games We Play, and the Praise of Man

I love Jesus. There are so many reasons to love Him but there’s one, in particular, I’ve really appreciated of late. It’s the fact that He is in such a unique position to help me, and all of mankind, unlike anyone else. 699 more words

Worship Leading

March 10, 2017


Our brains were created to think deeply about things.
They also enable us to do things by reflex, instantly responding to stimuli without thought. Athletes and musicians prove that if we drill an action enough that action can move from a thought-provided thing to an unthinking reflex. 1,130 more words


The Greatest Weapon Against Self-Doubt

Of all the obstacles I’ve encountered on the road towards God and His purpose for my life, self-doubt by far has been the most frequent. I have grappled with this fiend more times than I care to remember but every time I do I leave the ring with a bit more strength and skill for our next match. 474 more words

The Spiritual Life