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Controlling Fear


I was talking with friends the other night about fear and the way it affects our lives. I grew up in what might charitably be called “a funky family,” and I was left with some behaviors and beliefs that aren’t helpful. 851 more words

Occasional Essays

November 30, 2017: "Messiah"


No one saw it coming.
They all knew Him—Jesus, the son of the carpenter Joseph of blessed memory. The young man had earned the respect of the community because of his cheerful disposition, his obvious adoration and care for His mother, Mary, the loveliest widow in the village whom no man dare approach. 1,755 more words


November 29, 2017: "Justice"


A two-way street, justice is.
We all need justice but are often neglectful of the needs of others. The power of any government to administer justice will always been mixed with the power of people to neglect or even to corrupt it. 959 more words


November 26, 2017: "Gratitude"


If you want to go in, you have to find the gate.
There is a biblical way to approach Almighty God, a way He has commanded us to take.  997 more words

The Spiritual Life

November 25, 2017 "Retreating"


Retreat is not always a sign of defeat.
To avoid the appearance of a defeat, military commanders sometimes order a “strategic withdrawal” instead of a retreat. 1,230 more words


Reflections magazine Fall/Winter 2017 (new links)

Sending Reflections magazine again with correct links.  Hope you enjoy it.

To read the entire issue, click on the image. To read individual articles, go to Advent: Hope for Hard Times.

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