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A Kleptocracy rap...

I will put it to some beats and rap to it when I can. In the meantime, you can read it, and add to it if you want… 326 more words


150 blogs that have led to...

Another milestone. 150 blogs, which includes this one. The above keyboard is the first one I ever learned how to type on, a Royal. It was a fantastic machine.  168 more words

Inner Thoughts

The Spoken Word by Blair Gaulton

The Spoken Word
Accented accent accents the beauty of the spoken word.
BJG(Blair Gaulton)May 2018


The Lesson of the Mismatched Shoes

The Lesson of the Mismatched Shoes – The Spoken Word

All of us like to succeed at what we do—and we especially like it when others notice how successful we are. 325 more words



Placed in shackles and ripped from my land,
whipped down trail to the great blue ocean beyond,
loose packed, tight packed, don’t matter, the passage is… 309 more words



Yes, in a word-heartbeat! 

When you only need to Hear Him…

Because He CAN’T lie…

Because His direction is sure!

Because He CAN’T fail!

Because I can’t afford a wrong decision. 55 more words