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Here’s to the glass slipper you refused to wear,

The flower you didn’t let them braid in your hair.

They called you princess and gave you a crown, 81 more words

The Spoken Word


You guarded your heart with wineglass

and you wonder

How you let this happen again.

You nurse your brokenness with your shards of tears

drowning in the pool of red and salt water, 718 more words


The Image (Part 2)

Hi readers, I hope the last write-up was a blessing.

On this same topic of “Image”, imagine you walked to your mirror one morning and as a shocker, you saw a different being. 326 more words

The Spoken Word

Book Review_Saved By Angels

This review is on Saved by Angels, written by Bruce Van Atta. This is an excellent book to read about the testimony of another believer and be inspired by his journey. 596 more words

The Image (Part 1)

Hello readers,

I thought I should use a couple of blogs to talk about one of the first words used in the beginning of man’s existence, IMAGE. 261 more words

The Spoken Word


She was a wildflower,

Her features soft as snow.

She bloomed in the springtime,

Raring a heart made of gold. 342 more words


Writing the Tale, Telling the Tale

Who doesn’t love listening to stories being told? Perhaps it dates back to childhood, perhaps it’s some race memory far older.

Maybe people out there reading this are aspiring writers, but there is one thing some people seem unprepared for, and that is the reading of your work to the public. 565 more words

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