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When to march...and why

Parading your military was once a wonderful thing. It displayed the strength or perceived strength of a country, and its leadership. The old Soviet Union’s May day parade gave United States analysts opportunity to look at some of the hardware they would show off, along with the thousands of troops walking in lock step.  555 more words



By PKD Lee

Most people understand the Bible as the word of God. However, in Scriptures, the word of God is different from the Bible. 630 more words


Amazon HQ2 vs Detroit Epilog...

Of peaches and pecans

Peaches and pecans. This is going to be the title of a chapter in my second book. Peaches and pecans are a stablemate of only one area in the United States, South Georgia. 1,084 more words


Amazon HQ2 vs Detroit Part 2...

This is part 2 of Amazon HQ2 vs Detroit. In short, my recap is centered around Detroit not making the cut, and the “real” reasons why. 1,180 more words


Amazon HQ2 vs Detroit, Part 1...

Amazon just listed their short list for their location for their H2. Detroit didn’t make the cut. Detroit, The Motor City, the Arsenal of Democracy, The Big ‘D’, ground zero for the working middle class, ground zero for the UAW and teamsters, a city at one time was the 4th largest in the United States, did not make the cut for H2. 1,204 more words


My letter to my African friend... and the President of the United States.

I have an African friend. Actually, I have many African friends, but I work with this particular African. He is Republican, and he voted for Trump. 984 more words


"Sweet Little Song" by Leonard Cohen

Listen to the hummingbird
Whose wings you cannot see
Listen to the hummingbird
Don’t listen to me.

Listen to the butterfly
Whose days but number three…
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