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Oh, To Comprehend

So many words said
about communication
yet ambiguous


My Speech This Morning

I’m speaking at two libraries today, and when I walked into the first one I had an idea what I was going to say. I’d brought books to give away, so I knew those kind ladies would go home happy no matter what I said, but I had to ask whether they were all readers or if they were readers who were interested in writing. 429 more words

Hannah Alexander

Coming Clean... part 2

At the beginning of June I posted “Coming Clean”. I explained how I have been feeling that I need to put together a personal ritual or ceremony of cleansing over myself, my life, my family and my home. 577 more words


9 Things You [Probably] Didn't Know About Call Me Incorrigible

Am I the only one who put…months of thought into creating a blog? I kept going over and over in my mind what I would blog about and what sort of blog it would be, if it would be anonymous or not, what I would call it, and a whole host of other things. 675 more words

I'm Just Saying

The Only Constant Thing

This month marks one year since I’ve been on my mission. Gosh, it’s so crazy to think about it that way.

But honestly, no matter where I go or what I do, the thing that always amazes me beyond anything is how fast time flies by. 133 more words

I'm Just Saying

Want to Make Your Point Powerfully? Make it Quickly!

How long can you sit quietly and pay attention before you become distracted?

Attention spans are universally decreasing, thanks to our media-rich environment. According to experts, there are two types of listening: 377 more words

The Spoken Word

In Communication, Simple = Better

An expert tends to think and speak in jargon.

A leader is an expert who can translate their thoughts and ideas in a simple way that resonates with others. 400 more words

The Spoken Word