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The Complicated Answer to Danny Espinosa's Offensive Reawakening

WASHINGTON — Imagine a player so valuable, he’s able to fill in any one of four positions in the infield on any given day with the efficiency of an everyday big leaguer. 910 more words


Kelly Oubre: 'It's a Kill or Be Killed World. I Feel Like I Can Do a Lot of Killing'

WASHINGTON — Kelly Oubre Jr., upon being selected 15th overall in the NBA Draft, by Atlanta, for Washington, proclaimed himself to be a “jewel,” a building block type of player who can… 561 more words


Cakes Makes His Stand-Up Comedy Debut

WASHINGTON — It’s Friday night at D.C. Lottery Live.

The crowd arrives thirty minutes early, anxiously awaiting the stand-up comedy debut of Junkies host John Auville, 44. 199 more words


Stephen Strasburg Finds His Fastball in Return from DL

WASHINGTON — Stephen Strasburg, after a lengthy 2 hour, 12-minute rain delay, made his return to the Nationals rotation with a commanding start against the Braves Tuesday night. 602 more words


Matt Williams Not Giving Up On Slumping Ian Desmond

WASHINGTON — More than one-third of the way through 2015, Ian Desmond is in the midst of the worst season of his career.

Desmond had hit 20-plus home runs for three straight seasons (2012-2014) entering his age 29 season, leading to three Silver Slugger awards. 607 more words


Feinstein Says Karma Caught Up with Rizzo for Strasburg Shutdown

WASHINGTON — John Feinstein has taken up the seemingly lifelong mantle of reminding everyone the Nationals may have won the World Series in 2012 had Mike Rizzo not shut down Stephen Strasburg. 734 more words


Matt Williams Doesn't Anticipate Harper Bunting with Two Strikes Again

WASHINGTON — Nationals manager Matt Williams does not anticipate Harper attempting another unplanned two-strike bunt this season.

The Nationals were able to come away with an extra-innings win on Wednesday, to split the two-game series with New York. 524 more words