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OAB abuse and harassment continued

The Standard Rules begin:

We encourage robust debate and we’re tolerant of dissenting views. But this site run for reasonably rational debate between dissenting viewpoints and we intend to keep it operating that way.

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Standard joins Key/police pre-blaming

Anthony Robins has joined in the pre-blaming of John Key and the police for any violence that might occur in TPPA protests.

National – trying to provoke TPP violence?

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Blue Spike I

Blue Spike I // Jenny Holzer // 2001 // 306 1/2 x 5 1/4 x 5 1/4 inches // double sided electronic LED sign with triton blue diodes, stainless steel… 84 more words


Standard of sick parrots

I posted yesterday about a sensible and thoughtful post at The Standard in which Incognito suggested…

…try a different viewpoint, look at things from a different angle, literally and figuratively.

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Thoughtful and sensible

Having just posted RedLogix gets it wrong I see that he has also posted something else at The Standard, albeit of someone else’s (incognito’s) comments – … 523 more words


RedLogix gets it wrong

In a rare post at The Standard RedLogix details ten debatable claims.

John Key will see out five or six terms in office. He will then likely hand over to his carefully anointed National party successor.

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Debate continues on alcohol and violence

Following the previous post  Alcohol, violence and inhibitions here are more comments on the alcohol and violence debate at The Standard post Not all research is created equal. 1,707 more words