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Smart Timing

It is no secret that the past year has been tough for the Swiss watch industry, with retailers’ woes deepening and large luxury watchmakers issuing profit warnings that signal no immediate relief from the slump. 727 more words

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Blogger of the year

Political blogs in New Zealand serve as a useful enough niche in discussions on democratic matters but are waning in influence and newsworthiness.This is largely due to the growing dominance of Facebook as a forum for just about everything, but is also an effect of ‘Dirty Politics’ on the two largest blogs. 1,498 more words


Clark on RM poll

The December Roy Morgan poll had National down 4.5to 45%, and Labour up 5.5 to 28%. These weren’t out of the ordinary movements but were predictably heralded by left wing blogs. 533 more words


Labour and "Denial in Politics"

Should Labour switch from ‘Key is crap’ to ‘better than ‘Bill’?

Mike Smith has a post at The Standard on ‘Denial in Politics’ – it begins with a focus on the Democrats in the US and Trump’s success, then turns to New Zealand: 367 more words


Rachinger pleads guilty

Ben Rachinger was due to start a scheduled five day trial today in the Slater/Standard hacking case, but has instead entered a guilty plea.

Stuff: … 375 more words


Top Table

Even if you haven’t heard of Merritt Croker, chances are you would have been one of his many patrons. The American have been running a string of prominent themed restaurants for the past three decades. 716 more words

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Standard negativity post-Key

John Key’s resignation is Labour’s best opportunity in eight years to turn things around and look like a better governing option.

But going by reactions at The Standard left wing negativity is entrenched. 363 more words