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Russian judgment - "Winston Peters and Jeremy Corbyn are sane voices"

There have been claims that Russia has been set up over the allegations of nerve gas poisoning in Salisbury, England, ranging from valid questions to conspiracy theories. 1,567 more words


"Attempts by some fringe Labour supporters to minimise these issues"

It is normal for political activists to over play attacks on opponents, and to make excuses and minimise issues that put their favoured parties and politicians in a bad light. 775 more words


Diversion, censorship over sexual assault issues

Every blog has the right to allow or not allow anyone to comment in their forums. But how they do this affects their credibility and reputation. 2,145 more words


A silly ACT

David Seymour getting desperate for attention?

Stuff – Below the Beltway: The ups and downs of the political week


David Seymour – The ACT leader is going to be on 

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How to Eat and Drink Like a Model in New York City

New York Fashion Week has changed in major ways over the last five years and it looks like the shifts will continue in 2018. Even more designers have dropped off of the calendar this season, in favor of showing in Paris or simply opting for more casual presentations, like Lela Rose who will simply be using her favorite bloggers and influencers in an Instagram show. 965 more words


an innovative 3d dining experience comes to nashville for a limited run

it’s no secret anymore the visibility of nashville’s food scene has been raised. in recent months, the city has been included in top culinary lists from the likes of usa today, … 195 more words

Downtown Nashville

Is Kenya a Dictatorship Yet Again?

For The Standard

NASA’s ‘oath’ may have been painfully anticlimactic, what with the missing principals and a 15-minute ‘swearing in’, but it had the unintended consequence of exposing Kenya’s democratic struggle. 772 more words
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