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[#CoffeeWithKai] 'Generation Me': Understanding millennials

Talk about this generation! Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they are taking over the world, the web, and the airwaves. Who are they and how do we understand them better? 601 more words


Honesty, competence, internal polling

Swordfish frequently posts on poll related matters at The Standard and elsewhere. They seem to have detailed knowledge of internal Labour polls and also imply knowledge of internal National polls. 633 more words


The concept of left wing balance

Early last week Radio New Zealand teamed up with Nicky Hager to reveal not very much about New Zealand’s involvement in the Panama papers.

The Standard had a number of posts as a result, including: 528 more words


Hager: "If it was Rawshark it would be prison"

Newshub reports that Nicky Hager questions ‘Slater sentence’ – in fact Slater wasn’t sentenced, he accepted his guilt as a condition of choosing the diversion that was offered to him. 353 more words


Who funded the non hack?

Questions are being asked about who the funder was for the fee to be paid for the attempt by Cameron Slater to hack The Standard. 222 more words


Slater on the Standard hack

Suppression lapsed today at 4 pm on the case of Cameron Slater paying Ben Rachinger to hack The Standard.

Irony abounds, not the least of which being Slater’s attempt to get permanent suppression despite campaigning against suppression and having been convicted on 9 charges of breaching suppression (2010). 716 more words


Media on Slater Standard hack

Today suppression (that despite what he says on his media statement he wanted made permanent) lapsed on the case of Cameron Slater paying Ben Rachinger to hack The Standard to try and identify Labour MPs and staffers who were allegedly authors there. 416 more words