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All the world is your stage.

There is a common saying that ” the world is your stage.” This does not mean that we are all actors in the sense of the Greek word meaning hypocrites, but it does mean that we are all aware that we have an audience.This audience may simply be our husband or or wives or our children. 501 more words


There is no other way!

It is very easy to love a God whom you believe will bless you and keep you safe from all harms, but this is not the Biblical God. 405 more words



There has been a lot of talk about Nazis in the last couple of days. The hypocrisy makes me feel quite sick. Most will know that one of my sons has Down Syndrome, he is now 24. 92 more words


The Salem witch trials and the hysterical mob.

I like to study people and groups and society and how they react and so on. I am fascinated by it. I believe myself to be relatively well read on it as well. 372 more words


We are neither left nor right

There is a symbiotic relationship between the far right and the far left. One cannot thrive without the other. In order for one to rise the other must rise. 71 more words


When God comes down.

Their politics shall be all blasted, and turned into foolishness. When God will destroy the nation he will destroy the counsel thereof (Isa_19:3), by taking away wisdom from the statesmen (Job_12:20), or setting them one against another or by his providence breaking their measures even when they seemed well laid; so that the princes of Zoan are fools: they make fools of one another, every one betrays his own folly, and divine Providence makes fools of them all, Isa_19:11. 651 more words


 The Most Shocking Message for America... (2017-2018) - YouTube

Sadly the video below very accurately explains what is happening in our present society.  It has been happening for decades to this degree in Westernized society and America as a whole, is only just catching up to the depravity and delusion, except for Hollywood.   153 more words

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