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August 2017 Spotlight- The Staves

The Staves are three sisters, Jessica, Camilla, and Emily, who make folk-rock music. Their music is thick with beautiful harmonies and an easy-going

Their style has changed and matured over the years, but their genre has stayed the same. 183 more words


Monday's Get-Going Song - Winter Trees by The Staves

Hello! I’m back and posting again this week!! So last week due to illness and personal reasons I could only post on Wednesday (which is usually the day I don’t post). 274 more words


High Five / 14

Hello friends!

My heart is heavy today, and my mind routinely returns to the events that happened in Charlottesville. It, sadly, comes as no surprise given the hateful rhetoric and underlying violence from the alt-right and silent white supporters that has festered for years and intensified in recent months, but I nevertheless found the news deeply painful and angering to watch (and I can only imagine the hurt and harm it has caused to marginalized groups who are no strangers to this treatment). 1,039 more words


The Staves: Super kece sister band

Sedang gandrung banget dengan band folk Inggris– yang terdiri tiga kakak-beradik, Emily, Jessica, dan Camilla Staveley-Taylor — bernama The Staves. Kental dengan nuansa akustik dan harmoninya suara satu dua tiga keren banget sih. 138 more words