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Montana Senate Bill 99 - YES!!!

States’ Rights is still a thing, and Senator Smith of Billings KNOWS it. I am so proud to be Born Montana…

HELENA – A state panel on Wednesday heard a bill that would prohibit local law enforcement from enforcing any new future federal bans on firearms and magazines, even though lobbyists representing those groups oppose such a proposal. 58 more words

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Sunday at Mayport

Been awhile since I’ve been there. No crowd, in fact the base looked almost as deserted as a ghost town. Couple of ships in, wasn’t able to read a name and I don’t know the numerical designations (the one close to the road was 21, if that helps you any) – and no, I didn’t take pictures of them. 99 more words

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"Rights" are obviously more 'newsworthy' than Life

An excellent post at Legal Insurrection

Is anyone shocked? Pro-abortion females descended upon Washington, D.C., to protest rights they already have and the media went wild. 112 more words
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