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Go with God now, Bill - thank you for all you've done.

Australian cartoonist and portraitist Bill Leak died of heart attack. Tim Blair’s column was where I first found Bill Leak, back in 2001, I believe. Truly a man to be admired… 141 more words

Blair Nation

They would have kept Noah from building the Ark, wouldn't they?

From the Wall Street Journal–

Amid the Downpour, California’s Regulatory Drought Continues
Dams are spilling over, but decades of meddling by green groups means the water can’t get to my farm. 776 more words

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Montana Senate Bill 99 - YES!!!

States’ Rights is still a thing, and Senator Smith of Billings KNOWS it. I am so proud to be Born Montana…

HELENA – A state panel on Wednesday heard a bill that would prohibit local law enforcement from enforcing any new future federal bans on firearms and magazines, even though lobbyists representing those groups oppose such a proposal. 58 more words

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Sunday at Mayport

Been awhile since I’ve been there. No crowd, in fact the base looked almost as deserted as a ghost town. Couple of ships in, wasn’t able to read a name and I don’t know the numerical designations (the one close to the road was 21, if that helps you any) – and no, I didn’t take pictures of them. 99 more words

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