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Who's In Their 70's But Parties Like A Rock Star In Their 20's?

The Rolling Stones have still got it and their rider proves how these 70-year-olds party like it’s their 20’s.

Here’s a list:

With another world tour under their belts, The Stones have a few requests while on the road including the bar never closes. 89 more words


What I'm Listening To Today

“Beast of Burden” by The Rolling Stones

Seriously, how is this song so perfect? He wants to do everything and anything for the girl. This song is just so great. 12 more words


The Go-To Massage Therapist for the Stones, Katy Perry Expands Her Empire

A massage with Dr. Dot was a two-hour journey of intense release, pressure and pain—in other words, “the strongest deep-tissue bodywork session in the tri-state area” lived up to the claim.  1,043 more words

Happy Birthday Mick






Can we all agree on one thing?

There is nothing like a Mickey Mouse band aid.

A paper cut can really hose up your day. 177 more words


Satisfaction: The Story of how a Woman, a Long Year of High School, and Other Misadventures Contributed to My Seeing The Rolling Stones in Dallas, Texas PART ONE (BRUCE CORNER)

(The founder of Movie Talk with some “Official Rolling Stones Merchandising” shortly after The Rolling Stones in Dallas, Texas on June 6th, 2015)

(Note: The following is the first in a series of columns titled “Bruce Corner”, where I discuss stories involving my past. 2,912 more words

Sarge's Butthole


Hey folks, Jake here. I’ve decided to announce a new segment to the website. Since I’m not a paid film critic and I don’t guarantee that I’m able to see every single film that I’d like to see in theaters either out of inconvenience or lack of money, there isn’t too much of a steady stream of content on the site. 362 more words

Sarge's Butthole

Stressed out? Me? Never...

I am currently waiting to see whether I’ll be receiving financing to finish the dresses, photoshoots, website and look books. I’ve had a few bits of admin work to do and we have just finished another dress (will post pictures tomorrow!), but over the past couple of weeks I’ve been kicking my heels a little. 94 more words