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Rolling Stones Members, Ranked

10. Their Current Bass Player 

I’m sure he’s fine. I’m sure he nails the groove on “Satisfaction.” He looks like a cool guy and I’m delighted that a working musician has a steady gig. 732 more words

Classic Rock

Outlander, Episode Eleven - The Devil's Mark

The Devil’s Mark was an episode full of revelations. Of secrets revealed, of love and trust tested, and how hate can twist a person into a devil. 1,232 more words


The STONES - " Gunner Ho "

THE STONES were a New Zealand band active in the early 80s before quickly disbanding after the release of two short EPs on the famed… 238 more words


I Fucking Love That Band #23- Classic Stones (1 of 4) Beggar's Banquet

Matt Rector joins Dave for the first part of a four episode series called Classic Stones. This series will cover four Rolling Stones albums from… 26 more words


Vinyl Rewind - Sticky, Sticky Fingers

Ok, ok, so if I’m going to have a wee chat about this album, you can’t but not start with the album cover…

Yes, there’s a massive penis, you can’t really avoid it. 713 more words


Q: Beatles Or Stones?

A: If those are my only choices I hereby withdraw from the democratic process. #whataboutthewho #whataboutlittlerichard #whataboutanybodyelse

Gun to my head, I’ll take the latter. The Beatles are Disneyland and the Stones are Los Angeles. 12 more words

Shout Outs

eyeBoogers: Honky Tonk Women

… You’ll see things you’ll wish you hadn’t…eyeBoogers…

. . .
I didn’t know 1st Class was interested in Mick Jagger OR the Stones. He’s kind of the opposite of 1st Class… 14 more words

Buffalo Tom Peabody