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Il principe bagnato di Bel Air

La siccità in California è ormai entrata nel suo quarto anno e diventa sempre più drammatica. Il governatore dello stato Jerry Brown ha imposto da tempo un taglio del 25% dei consumi idrici, mentre le campagne informative chiedono insistentemente ai cittadini di mettere in pratica piccoli gesti di risparmio idrico, dal far scorrere meno frequentemente l’acqua del water al raccogliere in una bacinella quella che scorre durante la doccia per innaffiare le piante. 788 more words


Plastic Microbead-Free Toothpaste

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Please don’t tell my dentist…

For many years (probably about a decade) too many of my teeth had hurt when I ate not just hot or cold foods, but when I drank a mere glass of water or rinsed my teeth with water after brushing them. 383 more words

Zero Waste

Talkin’ Sustainability

I was on a two-hour online radio/television show yesterday called “Zo What?” — an absolutely brilliant production of Zo Williams, a man who has more “cool” in his little finger than I do in my entire body, as the pic here suggests. 162 more words


The Story of Stuff

Kelly (2010) explains that although technological inventions were intended to improve the quality of life, they also cause problems and complications. He explains that every year, more people die from automobile accidents (1.2 million) than from cancer. 731 more words

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The Story of Stuff

The day of our big move into the smallholding is nigh. Just over a year since we bought The Secret Acre, and after six months of… 167 more words

Paul Rainger


Is Our Consumer Culture Leading to Disaster?

Consumerism has become the cornerstone of the post-industrial age. Yet how much do we know about it and what it is doing to us? 84 more words


Far from poor, but never enough

I approached the gate agent and asked, “is there any chance…?” I had volunteered to be bumped from my flight, and all I could think about was a voucher…a voucher that would give me more opportunities to visit people I love. 923 more words