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Black Roses & Chains

We began going to the local BDSM gatherings in the city. This scene was not new to me, I had no idea if it was new to him. 1,059 more words

The Story

How Does It Happen?

How does a man who has always been your champion, your white knight, your protector, how does this man become your abuser and tormentor? I do not know the why to this day. 841 more words

The Story

My First Love

I called the number I had for him, being well aware that it was years old but I also knew it was father’s number and old people generally do not like to move. 1,092 more words

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Playing Detective

I always did love a good mystery, it keeps the mind busy.

Luana Masters

Now, losing an hour is frightening but justifiable. Losing a day is pretty darn scary.

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The Story

Post card to Cinderloo 1779 - 1800 trouble brewing

Dear Tom 

“Revolution in France, mobs rioting around the country, yeomanry being established to quell uprisings, laws being used to send rebels to prison, look out Dawley, workers are getting organised!”  1,379 more words


Vengeance Will Be Mine

Once I gathered my strength enough, I gave my Mother the one warning she was going to get. I’m coming back home. You made me, you created me and you will deal with the consequences.” She did not believe this was even possible, I was legally in the care of child services. 1,542 more words

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