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Kenny, Lucy and the bite marks of fate

That would be a great name for a band come to think of it.

I’m not sure if attention spans are longer or shorter on a Sunday* compared to a Saturday but I’m going to go with shorter and see how the chips fall. 168 more words


Writers Write

A wonderful friend / author — Dani Shapiro — once told me that, “writers write.” What she meant was that to improve at anything one must practice. 325 more words


A flash fiction piece I recently submitted – word limit of 150 and had to use the word paper. Short and sweet – the perfect two minute read for a busy Saturday! 151 more words


The Storyteller

I’ve long been fascinated with the role and myth of The Storyteller…

As a storyteller myself, I am always looking for the perfect words, the perfect formulations, in hopes of capturing the imagination and tugging at all the warmest places in the heart. 272 more words


Pictures From Saga of the Spider Clan Story Three - Taavo, Judgement by Fire

“The heat was stifling as the children gathered around the old storyteller. The guards placed Honaw under the shade of the ramada and the children were happy to sit on the cool stones surrounding the old man’s bed.” 

121 more words

Pictures From Saga of The Spider Clan Story Two - The Twin Warrior Sons of Spider Grandmother

Honaw, the old and wise Tiyamunyi of Kingdom of White House told stories to the children on the plaza of this Great House.

The Spider Clan followed the Eagle Star. 102 more words


Pictures From Saga of The Spider Clan Story One - The First Sipapu

Much of Saga of The Spider Clan takes place in or near the Grand Canyon. So there will be many pictures of the majectic Canyon in the coming stories. 93 more words