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Travel Log: South Korea - Hongdae

This post is part of new series documenting my travels around South Korea. All Asian cultures are unique in their own respect. They all have their own way of life, all of which is foreign and different to western civilization. 917 more words

Life Thoughts

Las Vegas: Empire of Illusion

Blue beacons whirl before me shifting into triangles and squares. A white wall of diamonds glimmers into intricate whorls before fading into darkness. A funnel of diodes screams its way to the heavens. 684 more words


Las Vegas

There are so many places to stay in Vegas, and so much to do there. It’s generally cheap to get to Vegas, as well stay there, because they want you to spend all of your money in the city. 30 more words


Fabulous Las Vegas – NV

The journey to Las Vegas was as expected – extremely turbulent! As the winds swept across the desert surrounding sin city, our plane was lightly tossed amongst the clouds, before making an impressive landing at McCarran Airport. 1,025 more words


The White Isle of Ibiza

Europe’s most popular wonderland for ravers and party goers is, Ibiza. It always has been and always will be, donned “the White Isle”. Ibiza and its notoriously wild party scene has been around for years, longer than your parents have been born- and I am sure they visited or were planning to visit, this kaleidoscope of popular music, stunning beaches and naughty behaviour- long before you decided to. 1,015 more words


USA - Las Vegas; The City that never sleeps (4)

Hi!! Sorry for the late posting. Been busy with work and traveling again (biz and not personal).

Anyway, glad that you are still following me on this series of mine in USA – Las Vegas. 129 more words


Why would I want to go to Las Vegas?

Pick 10 people you know and ask them what they think of Las Vegas.  Like Marmite right?

For some people this is their dream destination whereas others can’t think of a single reason why they would want to spend their valuable time in the bright lights of ‘The Strip’.   877 more words