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Born to not be King

There are many cases in English history where the heir to the throne has died before becoming King, but they are surprisingly not well-known. (Well not that surprising considering they never ruled). 2,030 more words

The Lost Children of Queen Anne, Part 1

Anne, Princess of Denmark, circa 1684, painted by Willem Wissing and Jan van der Vaardt

In January 1687, Anne, Princess of Denmark and daughter of King James II, was the wife of Prince George of Denmark. 384 more words


My Thoughts on ‘Queen Anne: The Politics of Passion’ by Anne Somerset

After I read Anne Somerset’s full-length biography on Queen Anne, Britain’s last Stuart monarch, it dawned on me that I had not only gained a greater understanding of Anne’s life and reign, but that I had developed a deeper level of respect for her too. 802 more words

Book Review

The English Way (1)

Elections are not very far and I may say that analyzing the Italian political situation, the name of the party that is very likely to win will be: “precariousness and confusion”.  699 more words

History And Society

On being educated about the life and times of Oliver Cromwell - in the very same building where he went to school

I do love a museum – and the quirkier, the better. The Oliver Cromwell Museum, in Huntingdon, has what I think of the best of both worlds – it’s hugely informative, and you learn a lot while you’re in there, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously and is aimed at children as much as it is at adults. 1,073 more words


Queen Anne reigns supreme at the Theatre Royal Haymarket

Who, actually, was Queen Anne? Of all the female monarchs this country has had, she must surely be the least well-known – and, I suspect, the least appreciated. 665 more words


Wharton's - My Ancient Ancestors

Often when I’m researching family history, regardless of the branch, I feel a real connection and gain a greater understanding of familial traits and relationships.  Yet sometimes, especially in the ancient families’ histories, the facts seem so very surreal; especially as they unfold through the mix of aristocracies, the haughty “blue-bloods,” castles, manor houses, servants, and the underbelly of tawdry tales from historical accounts of my families’ lives and times.   1,477 more words